Viral NDP heartthrob is an RSAF Captain, says it’s an honour to serve NDP’24 as stand-in

RSAF reveals viral President Tharman stand-in at NDP 2024 rehearsal, CPT Lam Hong  Xiang

The wait is finally over as the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) reveals the viral President Tharman stand-in who has captured the hearts of netizens online.

In an Instagram reel posted on Sunday (7 July), RSAF introduced the president’s “stunt double” for the NDP rehearsal, Cpt Lam Hong Xiang from RSAF’s 18 Divisional Air Defence Artillery (18 DA).

The reel, which was posted at 12 noon, has already gathered over 1,100 likes from fans at the time of writing.

RSAF teases identity of President’s stand-in

Leading up to the reel that is now gathering attention from thirsty fans, RSAF posted another video on its Instagram page on 6 July, teasing the public about the identity of the President’s role player.

The video consists of clips showing the stand-in who has been hailed online as “more handsome than K-pop dudes”.

“Does he look familiar?” the caption read, adding that they will be speaking with the President’s role player in a later video to “understand what he does”.

The teaser video has garnered almost 2,000 likes at the time of writing.

RSAF interviews Cpt Lam Hong Xiang, the viral President role player for NDP 24 rehearsal

As promised, RSAF dropped the interview reel on 7 July at 12 noon, revealing the viral hunk to be Cpt Lam Hong Xiang from RSAF’s 18th artillery division.

The video caption read: “What does it take to be the President role player for NDP? Let CPT Lam Hong Xiang tell you more on how he got selected and what his training entails!”

The video showed Cpt Lam coming down the stairs, looking fine in his presidential outfit, when he’s stopped by the interviewer, who asked him: “Are you the presidential role player?”

Cpt Lam then introduced himself, saying that he had volunteered for NDP ’24.

Source: @rsaf on Instagram

“The committee found me suitable for this role,” he said after being asked how he landed the role of being the President’s stand-in.

When asked how he felt about playing his role, he said:

It’s definitiely an honour to be able to serve NDP ’24 in a different capacity.

To train for his role, Cpt Lam explained that during the rehearsals, he works “closely with the different participants for the different cue timings”.

He added that he also advises the reviewing officer on where he needs to be.

After the four questions had been asked, Cpt Lam ended the clip by saying, “duty calls” before heading off, seemingly for another round of rehearsals.

Viral President role player has data background, worked at Google

Cpt Lam boasts not just good looks and easy charm.

According to his LinkedIn account, the young captain has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from RMIT University and has recently completed his MBA in Data Science from Murdoch University in June 2024.

“I love storytelling and transforming data into actionable insights,” says his LinkedIn account.

With data analysis, data science, and machine learning listed as his skills, he once worked as a data analyst for Google and OCBC.

“I love to inspire and help people with all my simple and insightful data. I will keep learning as always, without giving up in order to create more insightful and interesting projects for everyone,” he wrote on his LinkedIn bio.

Cpt Lam gets more love online

RSAF’s two Instagram reels about Cpt Lam brought more love on the viral yandao, with many netizens commenting on his good looks.

Source: @rsaf on Instagram

One commenter joked about the president looking a little different in the reel.

Source: @rsaf on Instagram

Another even suggested that Cpt could potentially join the Manhunt Singapore competition.

Source: @rsaf on Instagram

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‘More handsome than K-pop dudes’: President Tharman stand-in at NDP rehearsal captures netizens’ hearts

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