NParks To Take Action Against 20 Big Groups For Flouting Covid-19 Measures At Parks & Beaches

20 Groups Flout Covid-19 Measures At Parks & Beaches On 16-17 Jan

We may have successfully transitioned into Phase 3, but it doesn’t mean that we should take the progress we’ve made in combatting Covid-19 for granted.

Time and time again, authorities have reminded everyone the importance of staying vigilant.

Unfortunately, this message seems to be lost on some people visiting parks and beaches on the weekends. Recently, 20 big groups were caught for flouting safe distancing measures at these places on 16-17 Jan.


National Parks Board (NParks) will be taking action against them.

NParks found 20 large groups gathering at parks & beaches

According to a Facebook post by Sustainability & Environment Minister Grace Fu last Saturday (23 Jan), agencies will be stepping up enforcement at public spaces to safeguard the health of Singaporeans.

She used NParks as an example, who recently increased their patrols at parks and beaches.

On the weekend of 16-17 Jan, authorities found as many as 20 large groups breaching safe distancing measures at these places:

  • East Coast Park
  • Changi Beach
  • Fort Canning Park
  • Kallang Riverside Park
  • Esplanade Park

Errant groups will be issued fines

As a result, Ms Fu said NParks will be taking action against these errant groups.

Though she did not specify the consequences, she did mention that one of them would be fines.

She also advised all residents to make use of the Safe Distance at Parks website.


This nifty online tool lets users look out for crowds in public spaces before stepping out of their houses.

Be especially vigilant during Chinese New Year

Ms Fu stressed that the forming of Covid-19 clusters is a “sobering reminder” that Singaporeans mustn’t let their guards down.

As large clusters form quickly if we aren’t careful, she explains that the tightening of safety measures during Chinese New Year is absolutely necessary.

She also reminded residents to avoid making loud cheers like “lo ah! huat ah!”, as the action would “expel aerosols” over food everyone is sharing at the table.

Here’s a summary of the tightened measures during CNY if you need a reminder.

Together, let’s celebrate the festive season in a safe and responsible manner.

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Featured image adapted from Visit Singapore and NParks.

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