Woman claiming to be Aliff Aziz’s girlfriend says she feels cheated by his relationship with M’sian actress

Woman who claims to be girlfriend of Aliff Aziz speaks out

The Aliff Aziz controversy sees new development as a woman named Sarah Yasmine has come forward to claim that she’s his girlfriend in an Instagram post.

Source: @sarahyasminekh on Instagram

On Monday (April 22), Sarah posted a video of her and Aliff embracing. She also uploaded screenshots of WhatsApp messages between Aliff and NRF, which she hinted to be Malaysian actress Ruhainies.

Ruhainies, whose real name is Nur Ruhainies Farehah Zainul Ilyas, was involved in a khalwat or close proximity case with Aliff.

In her post, Sarah said she decided to reveal their relationship after seeing Aliff face heavy criticism from netizens following his arrest for khalwat.

While she acknowledged that Aliff’s actions were wrong, Sarah felt that he was being unfairly judged.

Allegedly in a relationship since January

According to Sarah, her relationship with Aliff began on social media in January 2024.

The actor complained to her about his relationship with his wife not going well and often asked Sarah for moral support and advice.

Image adapted from @sarahyasminekh on Instagram

This brought us closer and Aliff started showing care and love for me and approached me to form a relationship,” Sarah wrote.

The two met in person in Malaysia in February before the actor began filming the drama ‘Terjerat’ with Ruhainies.

Their relationship continued throughout the filming, even after the khalwat case was reported.


Messages between Aliff & Malaysian actress exposed

Initially, Sarah trusted Aliff and didn’t question his relationship with his co-star. She allowed him to stay in touch with Ruhainies so they could resolve the case.

However, she felt “cheated” on when she discovered intimate messages between Aliff and NRF on his phone.

“I was quite shocked seeing their conversation because it seemed like they were in love while he was in love with me at the same time. My heart broke because I trusted Aliff Aziz,” she wrote on Instagram.

Source: @sarahyasminekh on Instagram

According to Sarah, “it seemed like Aliff had been brainwashed”.

“It turns out that what Aliff did was to protect NRF and everything he did was on NRF’s instruction,” she alleged.

“My heart broke seeing the chat, seeing all of NRF’s plans for Bella’s (Aliff’s wife) downfall, and seeing her influencing Aliff to do things that he shouldn’t as Bella’s legal husband,” she added.

Sarah Yasmine apologises to Bella Astillah

Towards the end of her post, Sarah claimed that Bella is aware of her existence in Aliff’s life. She wrote:

I would like to apologise to any party affected by my statement. I humbly admit my mistakes as I’m just a normal human being who errs. To Bella, I know you know of my ‘existence’ in Aliff’s life. Again, I apologise for all this.

She also expressed that she will remain on Aliff’s side and that she wishes to save him from this controversy.

“To Aliff, of course, I am still with you as I am your girlfriend…I’m doing this out of love to save you from all this mess,” she declared.

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Featured image adapted from @sarahyasminekh on Instagram and Instagram.

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