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Amazon Is Live In S’pore With Free Delivery & Orders Arriving Under 2 Hours For Prime Users

Amazon Singapore Store Launched Officially On 8 Oct

Singaporeans who frequently order from Amazon now have something to cheer for.

2 years after launching Amazon Prime in Singapore, the company has decided to launch something even better —

The local online store means we will have access to a wider range of products on Amazon as well as shorter delivery times.


A visit to their newly opened website shows a ton of delicious discounts. The discounts have a timer, so we’re assuming there are going to be new ones every day. Below are some we thought are cool.

1. Spigen phone case for iPhone 11

This phone case is loved by many Singaporeans for it’s minimal and durable design. Perfect for those who have butter fingers. And you surely wouldn’t want to ruin that spanking new iPhone 11.


Amazon SG is now having a sale where you can buy this Spigen iPhone 11 case for $15.74, originally $20.99.

2. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones

Thinking of hopping onto the wireless headphones bandwagon? Here’s a good deal for you to enjoy your Shawn Mendes Or Man Yao music without needing to first fiddle with the tangled wire for ten minutes.



As of 9 Oct, the price of this Bose wireless headphones is $238, which is 25% off its original price.

3. WD 4TB External Hard Drive

Hard drives are a must especially for photographers and people who need to back up huge amounts of data. So if you were thinking of getting one to back up your precious photos, now is a good chance.


Amazon SG is selling this WB 4TB hard drive for $123, which is 60% cheaper than its original price.

4. Mistral Stand Fan

If your fan recently broke down, or have been wanting to change it for a while now, here’s a perfect opportunity for you to get a new one. Besides, with Singapore’s weather, you’re going to need this eventually.


This Mistral standing fan is now on promotion for $43.99, with its original price listed at $75.

5. JBL Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone

Having your friends over and you want a portable speaker to play some music with? Look no further than the classic JBL wireless bluetooth speaker. Once fully charged, this bad boy can play music for 20 hours straight.


Originally at $280, this is now going for $170, which means you save $110 or 40%.

2-hour delivery for Prime members

The deals aren’t the only thing going for you. Amazon also announced that they will be offering delivery services that take as little as 2 hours for their Prime users for orders above $40.

There is also an option for Prime users to pay for a 1-hour delivery service, which allows you to get your urgent products ASAP.


You can sign up for Amazon Prime for $2.99 a month.

For more information about Prime membership, you can visit their website.

New deals everyday’s deals refresh every day, hence, you can keep a tab open your computer every day so you won’t miss the ones you want.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the site now to get yourself a good deal.

Featured image adapted from Amazon.

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