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Ambulance Driver In M’sia Responds To Fatal Road Accident, Realises Victim Is His Son

Ambulance Driver Discovers Road Accident Victim Is His 21-Year-Old Son

Finding out that their child is involved in a road accident, especially a fatal one, is any parent’s nightmare.

That was what an ambulance driver in Malaysia had to endure on the job, no less. After responding to a dispatch call for a fatal accident, he tragically learnt that the victim was his own son.

His son was only 21 years old and was the second of five children.

Ambulance driver dispatched to accident scene

According to New Straits Times, 49-year-old Mohd Taqwa Ismail works as an ambulance driver at the Sungai Tong Health Clinic.

On Monday (7 Nov), he responded to a dispatch order to pick up a body from a road accident outside a palm oil factory.

The incident happened at about 4.30pm that day and involved a collision between a lorry and a motorcycle.

Mr Taqwa reportedly felt uneasy as he arrived at the scene, realising that he recognised the motorcycle involved in the collision.

In a tragic turn of events, he confirmed that the bike actually belonged to his son, 21-year-old Muhammad Aiman.

Victim was on his way home

In his 21 years as an ambulance driver, this was the first time Mr Taqwa faced a situation involving a family member.

“Only Allah knows the sorrow I felt at the time,” he told the media.


Berita Harian (BH) quoted him as saying that Aiman had started at his current workplace just five months ago and always shuttled between there and home.

The police chief said that Aiman was on his way home when the accident happened.

The previous day, the young man who would  usually bring food to work allegedly told his father that he wanted to have dinner at home the previous day.

“Coincidentally, the night before the accident, I managed to fry some fish I brought back from a trip to Tasik Kenyir. He had eaten that and asked for leftovers to eat the next day,” Mr Taqwa recalled.

The father described his son as quiet but well-liked as he was able to adapt to any situation.

Police investigating incident

Police believed that Aiman attempted to overtake another vehicle but failed. He then crashed into a lorry coming from the opposite direction, noted BH.

The lorry driver escaped unhurt. Unfortunately, Aiman sustained serious injuries to his face and head and passed away at the scene.

Following an autopsy, his body was buried safely on Monday (7 Nov) morning. Police investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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