7 animals caught in glue traps in 1 day, including mother & baby squirrels that died

Seven animals found caught in glue traps in four separate cases: ACRES

Glue traps used as pest control continue to pose a danger to wildlife in Singapore, as they get caught in these traps that are not intended for them.

The issue was highlighted when no less than seven animals were found caught in glue traps in a single day.

Source: ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) on Facebook

They included a pair of mother and baby squirrels that subsequently died from the ordeal.

Animals caught in glue traps reported by members of the public

The seven animals’ harrowing day in glue traps was related in a Facebook post by the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) last Saturday (15 June).

The animals that were ensnared were:

  • two plantain squirrels
  • two spotted house geckos
  • one rock pigeon
  • one Javan mynah
  • one paradise tree snake

While ACRES didn’t specify what date this happened, the four separate cases were called in by concerned members of the public.

Mother squirrel entered glue trap to help baby: ACRES

The most heartbreaking case involved the two squirrels — understood to be a mother and baby.

ACRES suspected that the baby squirrel had entered the covered glue trap first, and its mother followed to help.

Unfortunately, both of them ended up getting stuck.

Source: ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) on Facebook

Both squirrels ended up dead

Though they were rescued, both squirrels had ingested and inhaled the glue.


The mother squirrel passed away a few hours after her rescue for that reason, as well as stress.

The baby didn’t survive either — it had to be euthanised.

A saving grace is that during their assessment and fluid therapy, rescue officers kept the mother and child in view of each other so that they wouldn’t suffer more stress.

Other animals safely released from glue traps

The other cases ACRES attended to had happier endings.

In one of them, a gecko ended up getting stuck to the snake — its natural predator.

Source: ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) on Facebook

They were safely removed and released.

As for the cases involving the pigeon and the mynah, both birds were also released after being removed from their sticky situations.

Source: ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) on Facebook

Glue traps cause animals prolonged suffering, agonising deaths: ACRES

ACRES has been advocating against glue traps for years, saying they cause prolonged suffering to animals and are indiscriminate in their targets.

On 9 May, it renewed its call for glue traps to be regulated in Singapore, saying animals caught in glue traps suffer starvation, dehydration, and suffocation, eventually enduring “agonising deaths”.

Those rescued face a “gruelling” recovery process and often succumb to their injuries or require extensive medical intervention.

Source: ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) on Facebook

Since 2014, nearly 2,000 animals have been saved from glue traps — 25% of them protected species, said ACRES.

In a survey of 1,000 respondents late last year, 61% said they would discard live rats found caught in glue boards, it added.

If they found wildlife in the glue boards, almost half of those surveyed would throw the animals away. Only 10% said they would alert animal welfare groups or the National Parks Board (NParks).

Source: ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) on Facebook

Unfortunately, there are no local guidelines and regulations at present on their sale and use among members of the public, the organisation lamented.

Revised guidelines for glue traps issued on 15 May

On 8 May, Nee Soon MP Louis Ng asked Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu in Parliament whether her ministry would consider regulating the use of glue traps and put measures in place to ensure that cats and wild animals are not caught in them.

In a written reply, she said pest control operators (PCOs) had been issued guidelines on the responsible use of glue traps.

The relevant authorities were reviewing the guidelines to reduce the likelihood of non-target animals being trapped and to render quicker assistance should they be accidentally trapped, she added.

Revised guidelines were issued in a circular to PCOs on 15 May, reported The Straits Times (ST).

They stipulated that glue traps must stick to a maximum size of 35cm by 25cm, cannot be used in outdoor or semi-open areas and have to be checked daily, among other recommendations.

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Featured image adapted from ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) on Facebook.

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