Tanjong Pagar BBT Stall Serves Drinks With Bear Hands For A Beary Great Reason

Bear Hands Serve Drinks At Tanjong Pagar BBT Stall

Bubble tea is one of those things that unite Singaporeans like nothing else. After all, who doesn’t love a good, cold, refreshing drink in this heat?

Well, a Tanjong Pagar bubble tea stall is changing the game just a little, while keeping everything we love about these drinks.

BJ Milkytea is injecting some fun into the mundane process of waiting for your drinks by serving them up with a furry ‘bear’ hand through a hole in a wall.


The stall is actually a social enterprise that hires members of the hearing-impaired community and the unique concept actually allows for a more stress-free environment for their employees.

Tanjong Pagar BBT stall has bear hands serving drinks

If you’ve walked by Tanjong Pagar Plaza recently, the new bubble tea stall, BJ Milkytea, might have caught your eye.

At first glance, the white brick wall storefront with a small window is nondescript and inconspicuous.


But after you place your order at the counter, you’ll be in for a cute and furry surprise.

Through the hole in the wall, a little ‘bear’ claw will appear to serve your drink with their bear hands.

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The unique serving style of the stall has garnered attention on social media, adding some fun into the usually boring process of waiting for your drinks.

You also never truly know who to expect because it seems there are 3 different ‘bears’ working at the stall — a black one, a white one, and a brown one.

According to GirlStyle, this is inspired by the founder Benny Xu’s family of 3, with each bear representing a member.

Concept caters to staff from the hearing-impaired community

New bubble tea stalls have been emerging in abundance but bear with us as we explain why this is not just another marketing gimmick.

According to several Facebook posts by BJ Milkytea, the stall works with the Singapore Association for the Deaf to hire members of the hearing-impaired community in Singapore.

The unique hole-in-the-wall concept is actually designed such that minimal interaction is required with customers.

This way, staff have a more stress-free environment to work in.

Show your support for BJ Milkytea

While fulfilling your BBT craving, why not experience a different way of getting your boba fix while supporting a beary good cause?

If you’d like to visit BJ Milkytea, here’s how to get there:

Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-07, Singapore 082001
Opening hours: 11am-7pm daily
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar Station

The stall is currently running a promotion till 31 Aug where the second drink is 50% off so you might want to drag a friend along too!

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Featured image adapted from BJ Milkytea on Facebook and Facebook.

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