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Beach Road Slashing Victim Needs 6 Surgeries, Charity Aims To Raise S$105K For Her

Ray Of Hope Aims To Raise S$105,343 For Beach Road Slashing Victim

In April, Singaporeans were left in shock when one of the most horrific incidents happened in town, involving a man who attacked a woman with a chopper at Beach Road.

While the perpetrator has been charged with attempted murder, the victim, Ms Han Hongli, 42, landed in the hospital with multiple slash wounds. Due to the severity of her injuries, she had to undergo at least four surgeries, and as a result, her medical bills are sky high.

Hoping to help Ms Han through this challenging period, a local charity started a fundraiser to help her.

Source: Ray of Hope

They’re aiming to raise S$105,343.86. As of Wednesday (11 May), the amount raised so far is S$34,278 at the time of writing.

Victim of Beach Road incident needs two more surgeries

On Tuesday (10 May), the charity initiative Ray of Hope shared their fundraiser for Ms Han, a work permit holder from China.

According to their website, Ms Han had undergone four surgeries on her head, eyes, and hands after being admitted to the hospital. However, she still needs to undergo two more surgeries to regain her eyesight.

Speaking to Ray of Hope caseworkers, the mother of two shared her worries for her children back home in Henan, a province in central China.

The 42-year-old woman has two children, 17 and 20, who are now being looked after by her family.

The Straits Times reports that she is currently hospitalised at Ren Ci Community Centre.

Charity aims to raise S$105K to cover victim’s medical bills

The campaign’s website stated that Ms Han’s medical sum amounts to S$105,343.86 as of 5 May, covering the following:

  1. Medical fees: $67,931.70
  2. Loss of income: $1,800 x 12 months
  3. Shelter fees: $300 x 6 months
  4. Full-time caregiver: $1,000 x 6 months
  5. Medical caregiving (nurse respite care/escort): $8,012.16 (3 hours/day, 12 days/month x 6 months)

Hence, to support Ms Han “during this difficult period” and help cover her bills, the charity initiative is now working with her employer and a non-government organisation.

Starting the fundraiser on 10 May, the campaign aims to raise S$105,343.86. They may, however, increase the target as they shared that the medical fees are likely to increase.

As of Wednesday (11 May), over S$32,000 has been raised, reaching 32% of the goal.

In a separate fund-raising campaign, over 50 restaurant owners in Bugis, Chinatown, and Geylang have reportedly raised around S$20,000 for Ms Han, cited by ST. This drive was started by Mr Leonard Shi, an owner of Samurai BBQ located at Liang Seah Street.

For those who are interested in making a donation, they can head to Ray of Hope’s website here.

Hopes Ms Han gets the support she needs

The shocking slashing incident at Beach Road has undoubtedly left many feeling worried for Ms Han as she suffered severe injuries.

Hopefully, through the funds raised, Ms Han will receive the necessary support she needs to tide through this traumatic period.

MS News wishes her a smooth and speedy recovery.

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Featured image adapted from Ray of Hope.

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