S’pore Top 10 Best Companies Include Adidas & Uniqlo, Time To Remodel Your Career Goals

Statista & The Straits Times Compile Best Companies In Singapore 2021 List

Working in Singapore can be stressful yet fulfilling — but everyone will agree that your workplace environment is a big part of whether your career is a good one.

Statista and The Straits Times (ST) have compiled a list of Singapore’s Best Employers for 2021.


Appearing on top is tech behemoth Google, with Apple not far behind in second.

While these two aren’t particularly surprising, Adidas Singapore actually follows behind in third.

Rounding up the top ten list are companies like Uniqlo, Marina Bay Sands, and a local woodcraft construction company.

Top ten best employers in Singapore

Both Google and Apple are known for being prestigious, but this high level of employee satisfaction should give hope that the companies are doing something right.

Both Adidas Singapore and Uniqlo are clothing brands, while tech companies saw the most representation with 3 in the top 10.


The Singapore American School ranked particularly favourably — not only notching 4th spot with an 8.38 score, but is also the only educational institute in the top 10.



Given the survey was conducted during the pandemic period, the list is as much a test of workplace satisfaction as it is measuring how satisfied employees were with their company’s crisis preparation.

For example, Amazon conducts daily polls to see how employees are feeling in real time, according to ST.


Respondents rated willingness to recommend employer

The survey asked respondents to rate how willing they were to recommend their employer to friends or family between 0-10.

For 0, it means the person won’t recommend the employer under any circumstances, and 10 meant they’d definitely recommend them.

According to ST, over 9,000 employees participated in the survey and this resulted in over 200,000 evaluations.

Companies with over 200 employees were eligible.

Highly recommended companies

What employers do and what employees want may not always align.

However, looking at the list of top companies can give an idea of whether they prioritise employees.

All employees want to feel valued at their workplace, after all. And if they are valued, they may be more likely to recommend it to others.

So if you’re on the job hunt, perhaps this list might be a decent starting point.

Take a look at the top 200 list here.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Paragon.

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