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5 surprising things you should know about the new Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show

Things to know about the new Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show

Each generation of children has iconic animated shows they cherish. For today’s kids, the Emmy® award-winning children’s television series, Bluey, tops the list.

If your child is a fan, book tickets to Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show in Singapore, which is running from June 13 to 23 at the Sands Theatre.

Source: Darren Thomas

Even adults in the family will delight in the staging of this popular Australian animation, as it captures relatable family experiences in a humorous, heartwarming fashion.

MS News spoke to puppetry director Jacob Williams to find out some lesser-known details about this captivating stage play about the well-loved canine family.

1. The set & costumes were designed to be both creative and functional

The set and costumes in Bluey’s Big Play were expertly crafted by Jonathon Oxlade to be both creative and functional.

For instance, the puppeteers commandeering the life-sized versions of the Heeler family wear costumes that make them visible yet blend seamlessly with the set.

The wood panels on the floor are in the show’s colour palette for smooth transitions between different locations such as the lounge, bedroom, and garden.

Source: Darren Thomas

In addition to two terraces where the puppeteers can perform, the stage features “trenches” where they can dive in to enable them to move from one side of the stage to the other unseen by the audience.

Additionally, the trench stores some of the iconic Bluey supporting characters.

2. The play was conceptualised alongside the original creators of Bluey

The 45-minute stage play was conceptualised with the original creators of the Bluey animation.


Source: Darren Thomas

This was done to ensure that the stage version remained true to the original series.

This collaboration also guarantees that the stage adaptation meets the same high-quality production as the TV show.

3. Eight puppeteers are needed to play the four Heeler family members

Despite the Heeler family consisting of only four characters — Bluey, Bingo, mum Chilli, and dad Bandit — eight people had to be cast to be their puppeteers.

Source: Darren Thomas

Each pair must work in perfect harmony to bring the characters to life.

To manipulate the large puppets effectively, the puppeteers were also required to be in peak physical condition.

4. The creator of Bluey wrote the play’s script

The script for Bluey’s Big Play was written by Joe Brumm, the creator of Bluey, ensuring the familiar thrill of adventure that fans know and love.

Source: Darren Thomas

Still, even the most dedicated Bluey TV show fans shouldn’t miss this, as the stage play features a brand-new, original script.

Additionally, the play boasts an original score composed by Joff Bush, the genius behind the iconic Bluey theme song.

5. Audience members can interact with Bluey and Bingo

The audience will not only see Bluey on stage but also have several opportunities to interact with her and the entire Heeler family.

Source: Darren Thomas

Those watching will get to engage in the iconic opening sequence with a fun game of musical statues.

At the end, everyone gets to join in the beloved Keepy Uppy, a game involving large balloons that requires audience participation to ensure they do not touch the ground.

“Bluey’s Big Play is a wonderful show for all ages. There is a little something for everyone,” says Williams.

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