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Herd Of Wild Boars Spotted Gallivanting Outside Mall In Poland, Looks Like A Family Shopping Trip

Wild Boars Spotted Crossing Road Outside Shopping Mall In Poland

While wild boars are a common sight in Singapore, it’s rare to see a large herd of them travelling together.

In Poland, city folk were treated to the bizarre sight of a huge wild boar family walking in the urban jungle.

In a video seen on social media, an unusually large herd of wild boars was spotted trotting around outside a mall in Poland.

As they were wandering across the road, it seemed like a lighthearted family trip for the herd at first glance.

However, netizens mourned the loss of the wild boars’ natural habitat, which could explain why they were at the shopping mall in the first place.

Herd of wild boars crossing road outside Polish shopping mall

The Instagram video posted on 17 May shows a pack of wild boars walking in a line outside the shopping mall in Gdynia, Poland.

As a group, they trot down the pavement, almost like they are about to enter the mall.

Source: Zenpos on Instagram

However, the wild boars decided to cross the road instead. They run across the street, remaining in a singular line.

Source: Zenpos on Instagram

According to Storyful, the man who took the video said, “There is a plague of wild boars in the Polish city of Gdynia. They move around Gdynia in large groups, causing the admiration of the inhabitants.”


Netizens feel sorry seeing boars finding their way around

The Instagram video has garnered over three million views.

Despite the peculiar sight, many netizens felt sad watching the video as the boars could have been caught in the situation after losing their natural habitat.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

However, some netizens also pointed out that it was nice to see the cars slowing down to allow the animals to cross the road safely. “We took their natural world, so we need to help them.”

Source: Instagram

We hope the boars eventually found their way to wherever they headed.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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