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4-Year-Old Boy Uses Umbrella & Jumps From 26th Floor, Miraculously Survives With Broken Arm

Boy In China Jumps From 26th Floor Using Umbrella

Movies are often filled with fantastical gimmicks, where the characters can defy all logic and perform extraordinary, unrealistic feats.

Take Mary Poppins, for instance, a character from the famous Disney film imbued with special flying powers. She can levitate around using an umbrella.

This is obviously unachievable in real life. But a boy in China, likely inspired by cartoon characters showing similar powerful abilities, didn’t know any better when he used an umbrella to jump from his apartment on the 26th floor.

Source: Shui Mu Wang

The circumstances are undoubtedly shocking, though thankfully, he survived.

Boy opens window & jumps with umbrella when parents aren’t home

According to Chinese media outlet Shui Mu Wang, the four-year-old child from Hunan province had imitated the plot from a cartoon he had watched.

He pretended his umbrella was a parachute and jumped from the 26th floor when nobody was around.

Reports revealed that his house balcony was not equipped with anti-theft safety nets. His mother and father were also not around due to work.

The boy only had his grandmother to look after him and his sister. Unfortunately, his grandmother was downstairs, tending to his sister during the incident.

As the boy was relatively light in weight, he was, fortunately, cushioned by the umbrella and some trees when he fell.

His life is not in immediate danger, save for a broken right arm. He is currently being treated in a local hospital for multiple fractures throughout his body.


Parents urged to install anti-theft windows to prevent similar incidents

Oriental Daily reports that the boy did this after watching Tom and Jerry. He purportedly thought that he would be able to land safely if he jumped with an umbrella.

Since the balcony of his home was not equipped with anti-theft safety nets, he could easily open it and jump from the balcony on the 26th floor.

Following the incident, many Chinese netizens said the boy’s survival was a miracle. Some even believed the gods protected him.

On the other hand, they also urged parents to install anti-theft windows, so children at home can’t simply open the windows.

Something similar also occurred in Malaysia:

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Featured image adapted from Shui Mu Wang.

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