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Boy Throws Community Cat From 22nd Floor Of Boon Lay HDB, Police Report Filed

Boy Throws Community Cat From 22nd Floor Of Boon Lay HDB On 14 Dec

Community cats bring comfort to most residents in Singapore, which is why cruelty towards them often evokes anger among animal lovers.

That was precisely what transpired when horrifying closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage captured a young boy throwing a cat from an HDB block in Boon Lay.

The cat’s caregivers have since filed a report with the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) and the police.

Boy throws cat off HDB building

According to the timestamp on the footage, the incident happened on Wednesday (14 Dec).

At the start of the video, the cat walks out of the lift at an HDB block, quickly followed by the young boy.

Featured image courtesy of MS News reader


The boy then glances around a few times before picking the feline up.

Without hesitation, he subsequently flings the cat off the building.

Featured image courtesy of MS News reader

In posts describing the incident, some Facebook users identified the location of the incident as the 22nd floor of Block 186 Boon Lay Avenue.


Source: Facebook

They also claimed that police arrested the boy after a member of the public caught him trying to throw another cat down.

Unfortunately, his first victim, affectionately known as Panther, didn’t survive the fall.

Source: Facebook

Caregivers filed police report

According to a Facebook post by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore, they were alerted to the incident on Thursday (15 Dec).

Source: SPCA on Facebook

They were apparently notified of a case of a young boy flinging a cat down an HDB building.

After receiving the information, the SPCA promptly escalated the matter to the authorities.

Similarly, the Cat Welfare Society posted about the incident on their Facebook page.

Source: Cat Welfare Society on Facebook

They explained that they were alerted to the footage of the incident involving a minor and a cat.

Following that, they assisted the cat’s caregivers to file a report with AVS and put them in touch with the investigating officers.

The caregivers also filed a police report, they added.

In the meantime, they have urged the public to stop circulating the video of the incident due to its distressing nature.

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Featured image courtesy of MS News reader. 

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