Bukit Merah Flat Tenants Reportedly Cook In HDB Corridor, 5 People Rent Cluttered Unit

Tenants Of Bukit Merah Flat Reportedly Cook In Corridor At Night, Pay S$350 In Rent Each

As the large majority of Singapore residents live in HDB flats, most should be quite clear on what their neighbours can tolerate.

For example, people cooking in their own homes might annoy their neighbours if the smell is too pungent.

However, a situation that might cause even more disquiet is taking place in Bukit Merah, where the tenants of a flat reportedly cook in the common corridor.

1 cooker placed in cluttered HDB corridor

A video posted in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group showed a cluttered HDB corridor purportedly at Henderson Crescent.

Source: Facebook

As the OP walked down the corridor, the video revealed that the clutter comprised several pots and pans and one induction cooker.

Source: Facebook

Containers and an old cabinet were also placed outside the unit.

Source: Facebook

Netizen claims people cook in Bukit Merah HDB corridor every day

In his caption, the OP said he took the video on the 15th floor of Block 105 Henderson Crescent.

The block is known as the tallest slab block — a structure in the form of a slab with long common corridors — ever built by HDB, at 24 storeys tall.

Source: Google Maps

The OP claimed that somebody was cooking outside their unit “every day” and leaving unwanted food to rot.

He was concerned over safety, saying that if a fire erupted there would be “no way to run”.


Bukit Merah flat tenant says they cook in corridor only at night

When Shin Min Daily News visited the flat on Friday (8 Dec), they found shelves with cooking utensils, assorted sundries and an induction cooker outside.

They also saw a tenant of the unit just about to start cooking in the corridor.

The tenant, a 22-year-old student, said he just moved there last month after being recommended by a friend.

He added that the tenants there generally don’t cook in the corridor during the day, but cook instant noodles there at night.

He also claimed that all the things there belonged to their landlord, and they in fact rarely cook in the corridor.

They will move the makeshift kitchen inside “in a few days”, he maintained.

5 tenants living there pay rent of S$350 each

As for the tenants, the student revealed that there were five of them in total living in the unit.

While he shares a room with two others, another room is shared by two more tenants.

H had known about this arrangement before moving in and found it acceptable.

Each of the tenants pays S$350 rent per month — which means the landlord gets S$1,750 in rental income monthly.

The male landlord, who has his own room, is rarely seen, the tenant said.

He tried contacting the landlord during the interview, but couldn’t reach him.

In an earlier Shin Min report, neighbours said they’d seen the landlord firing up the cooker using an extension cord and blatantly cooking in the corridor more than once.

Town Council trying to help

Replying to queries from Shin Min, Tanjong Pagar Town Council said they were aware that the unit has accumulated lots of clutters and there were tenants in there.

The authorities had been trying to clear the clutter over the past few months, but the resident would allegedly add more clutter to the corridor.

The interior of the flat was even more cluttered, with just a narrow passageway for walking.

The Town Council is working closely with grassroots leaders and organisations to figure out how they can help the residents, they added.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News.

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