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Bus driver gets into dispute with cyclist who allegedly hogged lane in Yishun

Bus driver & cyclist hurl insults at each other during dispute in Yishun

A bus driver recently got into a dispute with a cyclist in Yishun after the latter allegedly hogged a lane while riding on the road.

The driver had stopped the bus to confront the cyclist when an aggressive verbal spat ensued.

Footage of the argument between the bus captain and cyclist surfaced on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page, showing the pair hurling insults at each other.

Facebook users who came across the video seem to be mostly siding with the bus driver, with many saying that there should be more regulations in place against cycling on the roads.

Dispute arose due to cyclist allegedly hogging a lane on the road

According to the post’s caption, the incident occurred at around 10.30pm on Saturday (13 April), somewhere in Yishun.

The bus captain, who was driving service 856 at the time of the incident, apparently “had enough” of the cyclist “hogging the whole lane”, and told the latter to keep left.

While the video didn’t show proof of this claim, it captured the situation seemingly having escalated as the pair engaged in a heated argument.

Hokkien vulgarities & insults fly as bus captain confronts cyclist

In the clip, the driver appeared to have stopped the bus to confront the cyclist, as the two men yelled loudly at each other in Hokkien.

A screen at the front of the bus showed that it was on its way to the next stop — After Woodlands Industrial Park E4 towards Yishun Interchange — when the dispute happened.

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

The bus driver was standing at the bus’ entrance with the doors open, while the cyclist was outside.


At one point, the driver shouted at the cyclist in Hokkien: “Mai hao lian lah, si pang beh chia lor!” or, “Don’t be arrogant, go and die on the road!”

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

This set the cyclist off, as he started screaming profanities and shouting for the driver to get off the bus.

During his tirade, he demanded in Hokkien for the bus driver to take off his pants and “let [him] bite”.

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

This was when the bus driver returned to his seat and closed the bus doors on the cyclist, ending the exchange.

Netizens call for stricter enforcement, express sympathy for bus captain

Many Facebook users who came across the video took the bus captain’s side, with most of them calling for the relevant authorities to clamp down on cyclists riding errantly on the roads.

One comment pointed out that cyclists occupying up to two lanes on the road is not an uncommon sight and urged the Traffic Police or the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to tighten enforcement against such behaviour.

Source: Facebook

Another user echoed similar sentiments, pointing out that cyclists on the roads have become more “brazen” despite existing traffic rules. He also noted how this occurrence has resulted in both pedestrians and motor vehicles having to give way to cyclists on the pavement and on the road.

Source: Facebook

Others expressed sympathy for the bus driver and the various stressors he faces while at work.

For example, one user highlighted that most leisure cyclists “fail to see the stress and frustration” of those who drive to make a living”.

Source: Facebook

The user then urged cyclists to familiarise themselves with road etiquette and have compassion for those in this line of work, such as bus captains who must navigate Singapore roads.

MS News has reached out to Tower Transit for comment.

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Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

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