Bus Driver Gets Into Fatal PIE Accident After Night Shift; Friend Seeks Witnesses

SBS Bus Driver In Fatal PIE Accident Was On His Way Home

A SBS Transit bus captain died on Monday (4 Mar) evening after getting involved in a fatal traffic accident on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).

His colleague has taken to Facebook to urge witnesses and those with dashcam footage of the incident to step forward to assist with ongoing investigations.

Here’s his post in full.


Chinese translation:

Friend … may you rest in peace!

My colleague “Lao Fu Zi”, a bus captain died last night (4 Mar) when he was on his way home to Woodlands. 

The fatal accident took place on PIE heading towards Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) at around 8pm

I urge witnesses, as well as those with dashcam footage of the accident to report to the Singapore Police Station to help uncover the truth behind the accident. 

Thank you in advance. 


Riding his motorcycle back home

According to the Facebook post, the deceased was riding his motorbike home after his shift when the accident happened.

He was knocked down on PIE towards BKE, near the Central Water Catchment area.

The accident happened around 8pm and the driver allegedly died on the spot.

The deceased’s colleague also uploaded footage of the aftermath of the accident, which showed several stationary police vehicles along the expressway.


2 cars and a lorry also stopped along the road, presumably to assist with investigations.

Police erected a black tent to cover the deceased’s body.


Help the deceased’s family seek closure

Motorists who witnessed the accident, as well as those with dashcam footage are urged to step forward to assist with investigations.

The family of the deceased has every right to know how they’ve lost their loved one.

Thus, we hope witnesses can step forward to provide evidence and accounts of what happened during the accident, to help bring closure to the deceased’s family.

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