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Rider Rescues Black Cat From Bartley Road Underpass, It Looks Like Toothless The Dragon

Rider Rescues Beautiful Black Cat From Bartley Road Underpass

Not every feline is lucky to have a loving owner and warm shelter. Thankfully, there are good Samaritans who are eager to rescue them.

On Tuesday (17 May), Facebook user Zamani Zamri rescued a cat at the Bartley Road underpass. He shared that he was seeking keen fosterers or adopters willing to welcome the furry friend into their homes.

Here’s what you need to know if you are thinking of adopting this Toothless lookalike.

Rider rescues cat from Bartley Road

In his post, Mr Zamani shared that he discovered a cat with striking thick, black fur on the Bartley Road underpass.

At first glance, you are likely to be enchanted by its big yellow-and-black eyes, which remind us of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

Mr Zamani brought the cat to the Singapore Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital (VES) for a check-up, which showed that the feline was healthy. Mr Zamani also confirmed the cat had been sterilised and had its ears tipped in the comments section.

As the cat is not microchipped, Mr Zamani is unable to find its owner. Nonetheless, he said the owner of the cat can DM him if they see his post.

In addition, he is also seeking willing fosterers or adopters looking to welcome the cat into their own homes.

Netizens charmed by black cat

Many netizens were charmed by the adorable cat and thanked Mr Zamani for rescuing it.

One commenter claims it would have been dangerous if the cat had remained in the underpass. Fortunately, Mr Zamani saved its life.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen thanked him for his alertness and kindness in stopping by to save the little one.

Source: Facebook

Other commenters said they were willing to adopt him.

Source: Facebook

Top marks to the rider for rescuing the cat

The cat might indeed have met an untimely end if Mr Zamani had not rescued it.

Here’s hoping that the feline will find a loving forever home. We’re curious to know if it’ll be named Toothless too.

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Featured image adapted from Zamani Zamri on Facebook.

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