Community Cat Sleeps On GrabFood Bag In Woodlands, Gets 5-Star Pampering From Residents

Woodlands Residents Catch Chonky Community Cat Sleeping On GrabFood Bag

Singapore’s neighbourhoods and void decks are home to certain animals, such as community cats. Seeing these adorable creatures go about their daily life often results in a cuteness overload.

It is no different in Woodlands, where a void deck area has been packed with cosy cat furniture to make felines feel at home.

A resident in the area recently posted pictures of a chubby cat dozing off on a food delivery bag.

Source: Facebook

Netizens fawned over the massive feline, marvelling at its size and providing their own pictures.

The cat is seemingly a popular fixture in the neighbourhood who loves repurposing GrabFood bags as its bed.

Woodlands community cat sleeps on GrabFood bag

On 14 May, a resident living in Woodlands posted a couple of pictures to Sayang Our Singapore Community Cats, revealing the hobbies of community cats on rainy days.

Source: Facebook

In her pictures, a pretty chubby cat slept on a GrabFood bag, using it as its own bed.

Source: Facebook

The adorable animal dozed on while bundled up on the green box, ignoring other soft cat beds provided for its comfort.

The OP also explained that residents and feeders in the area often treat these feline creatures with respect fit for a king. In addition to soft cat beds, they chipped in with a customised scratch box.

“Such a cosy scene to see the cats being pampered by the residents and feeders,” she added.

Netizens fawn over Woodlands community cat

The chubby cat has won the hearts of local cat-lovers, causing them to fawn over the adorable creature.

Source: Facebook

Amongst those admiring the cat’s majestic size, residents in the area also shared their own experiences of the feline.

Source: Facebook

According to them, the cat’s favourite activity is to take a nap on these delivery bags. It can often be spotted dozing away in these privileged spots, sleeping off a food coma or turning in for the day.

Source: Facebook

We can certainly relate, especially on rainy days – perhaps not on food delivery packages, though.

Let’s continue caring for our local community cats

It is heartwarming to see residents and animal lovers in the area care for our local community cats.

With their compassion and careful thought in providing for these creatures, these felines will never have to want for anything.

Let’s continue to do our part and look after these animals whenever possible. As Singapore is home to many domestic and wildlife creatures, we must continue to nurture the local ecosystem.

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Featured image adapted from Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats on Facebook.

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