Changi General Hospital Patients Identified As Covid-19 Contacts Not Allowed To Have Visitors

Changi General Hospital Updates Guidelines For Visitors Of Patients Identified As Contacts

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated for accuracy.

On Friday (25 Jun), Singapore saw the emergence of a second Covid-19 cluster in a hospital, this time at Changi General Hospital (CGH).

Further tests unearthed 6 cases among hospital staff as of Saturday (26 Jun).

As a precautionary measure, the hospital will be stepping up surveillance testing. Should more patients be identified as Covid-19 contacts, they are not allowed to receive visitors in the wards.


Meanwhile, visitation guidelines for the rest of the patients and general wards remain the same.

Changi General Hospital patients can’t receive visitors if they’re identified as contacts

According to CGH’s Facebook update on 26 Jun, they said 2 porters and a nurse have tested positive for Covid-19 on 24 and 25 Jun.

This is in addition to 3 more Covid-19 cases reported earlier.


As part of the hospital’s ongoing surveillance and precautionary measures, the staff are now carrying out more swab tests for inpatients.

Patients identified as contacts may be placed in isolation to continue their recuperation, and they will not be able to receive visitors.

Hence, visitors will not be allowed in these affected wards until further notice.

Visitation guidelines for CGH’s general wards remain at 1 pre-registered visitor for the duration of their admission, and one visit by the visitor each day.

Close contacts under quarantine or on LOA

Since the detection of cases among staff, CGH has activated infection control protocols and ordered for terminal cleaning to be carried out.

The relevant staff will also have to undergo contact tracing and enhanced surveillance swab tests.

Those identified as close contacts are now under quarantine or on leave of absence (LOA).

5 porters & 1 nurse confirmed with Covid-19

Here’s a breakdown of the cases from CGH so far:

  • Case 64464: A 21-year-old Singaporean nurse who tested positive on 25 Jun.
  • Case 64476: A 48-year-old Singaporean who works as a porter. She is a workplace contact of 4 CGH cases and was placed on quarantine on 24 Jun. She tested positive the next day.
  • Case 64462: A 66-year-old Singaporean who works as a porter. He is also a workplace contact of 4 CGH cases. He tested positive on 24 Jun.
  • Case 64413: A 35-year-old Singaporean who works as a porter. He tested positive on 23 Jun.
  • Case 64442: A 67-year-old Singaporean who works as a porter and was confirmed with Covid-19 on 24 Jun.
  • Case 64443: A 72-year-old Singaporean who works as a porter and was also confirmed with Covid-19 on 24 Jun.

However, the Ministry of Health listed Case 64464 as unlinked.

CGH stressed that their staff followed the necessary safety measures, such as donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during their work.

Hope the situation remains under control

With the emergence of a second hospital cluster in Singapore, we hope that authorities can swiftly ringfence the infections to prevent them from spilling over into the community.

The journey to recovery is hard-fought, and we trust that Singapore is well-equipped to adapt to the situation.

In the meantime, we hope all patients can make a smooth recovery.

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