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Chen Tianwen Says Son Nearly Hit By Golf Ball At Jurassic Mile, Overhead Netting Installed Shortly After

Chen Tianwen’s 5-Year-Old Son Crouched Down When Golf Ball Flew Past, Landed 1.5m Away

UPDATE (12 Nov, 10.16am): A Changi Airport Group (CAG) spokesperson has said that overhead netting has been installed at the Jurassic Mile.

In a statement sent to MS News, CAG said that the overhead netting is part of planned safety enhancement measures. The spokesperson added that the overhead netting was installed on 3 Nov, 2 days after Mr Chen’s visit, and it’s in place right now. This is in addition to the vertical netting installed earlier.

When the Changi Jurassic Mile opened last month, many Singaporeans flocked to the new attraction to take photos and gaze at the life-sized dinosaurs.

However, while the man-made giant reptiles didn’t cause much terror to the public, the danger from stray golf balls became all too apparent when a domestic helper was hit.

Though nets were subsequently put up, it seems stray golf balls are still managing to fly over.


According to local actor Chen Tianwen, one nearly hit his 5-year-old son when they visited recently.

‘Unbelieveable’ star brought son to Jurassic Mile

The star is most famous for his role as “Mr Unbelievable” in the music video and movie of the same name.

However, what he encountered at the Jurassic Mile was probably more unbelievable than anything in the movie.


He posted on Instagram on 2 Nov that he and his wife had brought his son to the Jurassic Mile the day before, a Sunday.


It seemed like they were having a good time, as many photos were posted of the boy posing in front of various dinosaur exhibits.


Mr Chen said that just when they were excitedly enjoying the outing, something happened to mar the occasion.

Ball flies silently from golf course

“From the golf course flew a silent golf ball, hitting the perimeter wall of the airport,” he said.

It shocked everybody there, including his boy, who quickly crouched down and covered his head with his hands.


This happened near the Brontosaurus exhibit, according to the The New Paper.


This is despite the additional netting that has clearly been installed there.

Ball landed 1.5m away from son

Mr Chen said that the ball hit the wall, then bounced back and landed about 1.5m away from his son.

Another family there had a fright, especially since they were nearer the wall when the ball hit.

They were so shocked that they shouted and ran off, he said.


Luckily, nobody was hurt in the incident.

Urges the authorities to tighten safety measures

However, Mr Chen was clearly shaken, as he said,

The dinosaurs in this park aren’t scary, but what’s scary are the silent flying golf balls.

He added that he doesn’t know how such incidents can still happen — his most famous role would probably say that it’s “unbelievable”.

Mr Chen also urged the authorities to enhance the safety measures.

Domestic helper hit on 22 Oct

Previously, a man took to Facebook on 22 Oct to describe how his domestic helper was struck by a golf ball that flew in from the nearby Tanah Merah Country Club.

Mr Derek Yap said the incident took place near the Parasaurolophus exhibit, and she fell to her knees and clutched her head in pain.


The poor lady sustained a head injury with bruising.

More safety measures may be needed

Though thankfully nothing happened to Mr Chen’s son, the incident could have resulted in a very nasty injury indeed.

While the extra netting is clearly appreciated, perhaps some more safety measures are needed to protect the public.

We shudder to think what would happen if somebody is hurt badly from a stray golf ball.

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Featured images adapted from Instagram.

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