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Foodpanda Customer Makes Bizarre Demands From Chicken Rice Stall, Such As Rooster Eggs

Chicken Rice Stall’s Foodpanda Order Has Requests That Include Rooster Eggs

Running an F&B business in this day and age requires not just good food and good luck but patience in spades.

While it’s important to do the little things to ensure customers have a good experience, some requests might just be too onerous.

A stall in Malaysia apparently received an order that fit that description, with the customer making 10 very specific requests for their chicken rice.

Source: Facebook. Photo for illustration purposes only.

This led a netizen to lament that money is tough to earn.

Delivery order shared on Facebook

A photo of the curious order was posted in the 槟城吹水站 (Penang Chatting Station) Facebook group on 19 Apr.

It appeared to be a delivery order over foodpanda that had yet to be accepted by the stallholder.

Source: Facebook

According to the photo, the customer wanted three packets of Roaster Drumstick Chicken Rice for S$7.04 (RM22.20). That works out to about S$2.35 (RM7.40) per packet.

They also wanted 2 marinated eggs for S$0.95 (RM3).

However, there was also a lengthy list of requests appended.

Money’s hard to earn

The netizen who shared the order, a Mr Anthony Teh, lamented in Mandarin that even RM7 for a packet of chicken rice was “tough to earn”.

Source: Facebook

If he were the boss of the stall, he’d cancel the order, he added.

While Mr Teh didn’t mention the stall name that received the order, he listed himself as working for an eatery in Penang.

What the customer wanted

For Mr Teh to make such a comment, the requests must have seemed very frustrating indeed.

Let’s look at exactly what the customer wanted in their order.

  1. The chicken drumstick must have no bones. My teeth hurt when I eat bones.
  2. The chilli must be tasty. I want nine packets, thanks.
  3. More spring onions. They must be fresh. If not, I won’t feel well.
  4. The sauce must be packed separately. If it’s spread on the rice, the rice will be soggy.
  5. Paper packaging shouldn’t be used, or the rice will taste bad.
  6. I hope you can send me assam soup — you sent me some last time. I want three packets, thank you.
  7. Can you give me one chicken feet to try?
  8. Remember to provide spoons.
  9. Please fulfil my order within five minutes, because we’re really starving to death.
  10. Thank you for your cooperation.

Eggs hatched by a rooster wanted

While the 10th item on the list was actually an expression of gratitude, that wasn’t the end to the weird requests.

The customer also had one more request for the eggs:

They must be laid by a rooster. I’ve heard rooster’s eggs taste better.

Given that a rooster is a male chicken, it’s not likely that they can lay eggs.

Netizens agreed, and they were amused and incredulous at the impossible request.

Source: Facebook

Others said the stallholder should just cancel the order, with one suggesting Foodpanda blacklist them.

Source: Facebook

Much work goes into a simple meal

Though the customer had phased his requests nicely, it’s pretty unlikely that the stall will be able to fulfil the many unique requests to perfection, especially the rooster’s eggs.

While it’s uncertain whether they ended up taking the order, we hope they rejected it for the sake of their sanity.

If this story strikes a chord, it’s worth remembering how much work goes into even a simple meal.

Thus, as customers, we might also be considerate and strive to avoid going overboard with our special requests, in order not to pile more stress onto F&B workers.

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Featured images adapted from Anthony Teh on 槟城吹水站 Facebook group and Joffyon Jeff Jr. on Facebook.

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