Diving Gold Medallist From China Offered A Flat & S$41,000, Father Turns Them Down

Olympic Diving Gold Medallist Quan Hongchan Wins China’s Heart With Touching Story

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may have come to a close but stories of personal triumphs live on.

14-year-old Chinese diver Quan Hongchan shot to fame after dominating the Women’s 10m Platform event, achieving a perfect score in 3 dives.


When tales of her humble beginnings and motivation to dive for her ill mother made the news, many rushed to visit her village in Guangdong province.

Quan’s family even received countless gift offers in the form of property and cash but her father, who is a farmer, ended up turning them all down.

Perfect score in 3 out of 5 dives

Rarely does practice ever make perfect but 14-year-old Quan Hongchan certainly proved you can get close.

In her first-ever major international competition, Quan executed her dives flawlessly, earning perfect scores in 3 out of 5 attempts.


Her total score, 466.20, also smashed the previous Olympic record, reported NBC.

Chinese diving gold medallist has humble beginnings

Besides her amazing feat, what makes the young Olympian extraordinary is the story behind her success.


According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), Quan’s motivation to dive was her mother who was in poor health after a serious car accident in 2017.

14-Year-Old China Diver Wins Olympic Gold, Competes To Pay Mum’s Medical Bills

Quan wanted to earn money from diving to fund her mother’s medical treatment.

Her family survives on her father’s meagre farming income and relies on government subsidies to get by.

Father turns down property & cash offers

Following her victory, Quan’s touching story and easy smile won over the Chinese public, gaining great popularity in her country.

Crowds flocked to her home in Maihe in Guangdong Province, transforming the quiet village into a tourist hotspot overnight and causing some inconvenience.


Many came bearing gifts, including Quan’s favourite snack, latiao.

Quan’s family was even offered rewards ranging from a flat, commercial property, and 200,000RMB (S$41,957) in cash.

But Quan’s father did not hesitate to turn down all the offers, reported SCMP.

He humbly thanked the fans for coming but did not accept a penny. Instead, he asked the crowds to stay home, saying that there’s no need to come to their village.


The gifts have all been kept by the village committee and some snacks have also been distributed to the children there.

Hospital offers full medical services for Quan’s mother

Nonetheless, Quan’s Olympic fame is helping to make one of her wishes come true — to provide her mum with medical care.

According to Global Times, a hospital in her hometown in Guangdong Province offered to provide full medical services for her mother on Friday (6 Aug).

They also generously offered the same for Quan’s sick grandfather.

Hospital officials said they were proud of the Olympic champion and “more than willing” to help the family out.

Hope Quan Hongchan stays humble after newfound fame

Quan Hongchan’s story is one of grit, strength, and love. It is no wonder she has fast become China’s “sweetheart”.

At the end of the day, we’re glad her mother will be able to get the treatment she needs and we wish her all the best in her recovery.

Congratulations Quan, on winning the Olympic gold medal and touching the hearts of many along the way.

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Featured image adapted from MinNews and BolongID.

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