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Clementi Resident Catches 27 Rats In 9 Months, Claims It’s Due To Hoarder Neighbour

Clementi HDB Infested With Rats Due To Overflowing Garbage From Alleged Hoarder

Rats are mostly found lurking around rubbish bins and rummaging through trash for food.

In this case, instead of the usual rubbish chutes, rats were spotted in a HDB flat in Clementi.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, residents living at Block 339 Clementi Ave 5 complained of rat infestation problems, believing that they could be caused by a unit that’s filled with garbage on the 4th floor.


When residents spoke to the Chinese daily, they described the unit as a “garbage house” and “rat’s nest” as rodents have reportedly started breeding in it.

Clementi HDB rats appear due to “garbage house”

One of the residents Madam An Mei Jia told Lianhe Zaobao that the “garbage house” owner keeps piles of rubbish outside his unit for many years.

Here’s a picture taken by one of the Chinese daily’s reporters.


These garbage piles, including 30 pots of plants, have cluttered corridor spaces, leaving a limited place to walk for passers-by.

Rats intruding neighbour’s homes

Madam An added that on Feb 2019, she noticed rats starting to appear around the corridors — even during daytime.


What’s more horrifying was that the rats would even audaciously sneak into her house at night, leaving her too terrified to sleep.

It was also mentioned that many rats were spotted on the edge of the windows, biting on her bottles and pots. Here’s another picture from Lianhe Zaobao.


As she was afraid of getting bitten by rats, she resorted to rat poison and would hit the rats whenever she saw them.

Killed more than 27 rats so far

Counting every rat she’s killed, Madam An revealed that she already ‘extinguished’ more than 27 rats in the span on 9 months.

Her efforts did not go to waste as according to her, the rat infestation situation have drastically improved ever since.

Already bred “3 generations” of rats

Another neighbour added that in the past, rats would suddenly appear when they were walking past the corridor.

They had to scare the rats away by making weird noises.

The neighbour also mentioned that while some rats were extremely large, some appeared to be newborns.

She concluded that the rats have probably bred 3 generations of them due to their strong fertility rate.

Truly a horrific sight

Even though we were not there to testify the rat infestation problems, we reckon that affected neighbours are probably horrified by the situation.

We’re reached out to Jurong-Clementi Town Council for their comments.

What do you think of this problem? Share your thoughts with us below.

Feature image adapted from Google Maps and South China Morning Post. All images used are for illustration purposes only.  

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