ComfortDelGro Taxi Driver Returns Lost Phone After Making Detour, Declines To Accept $50 Reward

ComfortDelGro Taxi Driver Returns Lost Phone To Passenger Despite Being A Distance Away

Losing your mobile phone is a distressing experience, because you don’t know if you’ll get to see it again.

If you’ve been in the same situation before, then you can surely relate with the feeling of hoping that the device falls into the hands of a good Samaritan.

For one taxi passenger, he had the luck of meeting a kind driver around New Year’s Eve, who took the trouble of making a detour to return his mobile phone.


The passenger counted his blessings, and shared his experience in an appreciation post on Facebook. It has since gone viral, garnering almost 2,000 shares at the time of writing.

Passenger left phone in ComfortDelGro taxi

According to the Facebook post, passenger Julius Ho had booked a ComfortDelgro cab with a friend at Kallang Wave Mall after shopping for groceries on 30 Dec night.


Upon arrival, their taxi driver Mr Lim, offered to help with the groceries.

After reaching their destination and walking to the lift lobby, Mr Ho said they realised only then that one of them had left behind their phone in the taxi.

They called the ComfortDelGro hotline but was put on hold for about 5 minutes. They decided to track their lost phone with an app, and give the phone a ring.

Thankfully, Mr Lim picked up and said he will make his way back to them despite being “quite a distance” away.

$50 reward for returning phone

When Mr Lim reached their apartment, Mr Ho was prepared to reward him with a $50 note for the effort. But the taxi driver declined to accept the payment.

They tried to offer a lower sum of money in return, but Mr Lim declined to accept it as well.

Mr Ho recounted the conversation that had gone on for a few minutes,

After a spirited back and forth, we conceded that he would not accept a cash reward for returning the phone that we had carelessly misplaced.

The entire experience moved him greatly.

Passenger felt he was indebted to Mr Lim

Given how these are trying times for taxi drivers, especially the lack of business during ‘Circuit Breaker’, Mr Ho related that Mr Lim may have had anxiety over the challenging period and suffered loss of income too.

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Despite this, he had declined to take cash rewards for returning the phone. Mr Ho shared,

In fact, we owe him.

“His petrol/diesel it took to drive back to us, his time which could’ve been used to do 1 or more trip(s), the fixed daily rental of his taxi, time he could have spent with his family.”

Ending his post, Mr Ho hopes that if Mr Lim gets to read it, he wants him to know,

You made this ending of 2020 more sweet than one could hope for. I wish you a blessed life!

Kindness is a gift that touches many

An act of kindness is often described as one that costs nothing, but means everything. This saying rings true after learning Mr Ho’s fortunate encounter with Mr Lim.

Even though in this case, Mr Lim may have had petrol and time consumed to make a detour back to Mr Ho’s residence, he was bighearted enough in refusing extra payment.

Such thoughtfulness deserves praise. And we hope Mr Lim will go on to touch many lives with his warm-heartedness.

Have you had a pleasant experience with a taxi driver before? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Eatbook and by MS News.

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