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Couple Allegedly Leaves Serangoon KBBQ Restaurant Without Paying, Strangers Offer To Foot $270 Bill

Strangers Offer To Foot Bill After Couple Allegedly Leaves Serangoon KBBQ Without Paying On 15 Mar

When it comes to first dates, some believe that the man should foot the bill while others might be fine with going Dutch.

A couple, who recently dined at a Korean BBQ (KBBQ) restaurant in Serangoon, had a particularly difficult time deciding on who should pay.

Instead of paying for their $270 meal, the pair allegedly walked out of Pa Bul Lo Korean BBQ after their first date.


Apparently, the two had miscommunicated and assumed that the other party would be settling the bill.

When the public heard about the incident, strangers allegedly contacted the restaurant’s owner, Mdm Ho, and offered to pay on the couple’s behalf.

Owner made police report and contacted a lawyer

According to The Straits Times (ST), the couple had ordered S$269.55 worth of food on 15 Mar which included an expensive wagyu beef platter.

At about 9pm, an employee informed Madam Ho that the couple left without paying the bill. The restaurant owner later tracked them down using closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage.

On 19 March, the woman apparently paid for her half of the bill but the restaurant still had difficulties struggling to get the man to pay for his share.

Both thought the other party was paying for Serangoon KBBQ meal

Speaking to ST, the man, only known as Mr Jung, claimed that the woman offered to treat him to the meal as compensation for standing him up.

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He allegedly thanked her for the dinner and waited outside as she went to the washroom. When she returned, he assumed that she already paid for the meal.

On the other hand, the woman told Madam Ho that Mr Jung offered to pay the bill as he felt bad for answering calls during the date.

Madam Ho told ST that she believes the woman.

I don’t trust the guy. She was apologetic. He wasn’t… The last time he talked to us, his tone made us very angry.

When Madam Ho and her husband contacted Mr Jung, he allegedly laughed at them and advised them to call the police.

When Madam Ho made the police report on 16 March, she was directed to the Small Claims Tribunals. However, they could not pursue the case because she did not have their full names, NRIC numbers, and addresses.

Her 25-year-old daughter has since advised her to contact I.R.B Law for pro bono services. On Wednesday (23 Mar), one of their lawyers contacted Madam Ho and assured her that she will send Mr Jung a letter of demand.

Strangers offered to foot the bill

On the same day, Pa Bul Lo Korean BBQ shared on Facebook that strangers had approached them and offered to foot the couple’s bill.


While they appreciated the support, the restaurant decided not to accept help as they believed that the couple are responsible for their own wrongdoing.

Instead, they hope that the incident will teach the couple and themselves a lesson.

Situation could have been avoided with better communication

While it remains unclear why the couple did not pay for their meals, we’re glad generous members of the public have stepped up and offered to make payment.

With better communication on who was supposed to foot the bill, the situation could have been easily avoided.

Hopefully, the parties involved reach a resolution and will be able to settle the incident amicably.

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Featured image adapted from Pa Bul Lo Korean BBQ on Facebook and Google Maps.

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