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6 New Covid-19 Cases, Including 4 Imports & 2 In Dorms On 20 Oct

6 New Covid-19 Cases On 20 Oct

The end of the year is arriving, and Covid-19 appears to be on the down-low here in Singapore. But we never know when the coronavirus might return with a vengeance.

On Tuesday (20 Oct), the Ministry of Health said that there are 6 additional Covid-19 cases, and 2 are locally-transmitted.

There are no community cases, though there are 4 imports.

2 locally-transmitted Covid-19 cases on 20 Oct

Both Covid-19 cases today are from workers who reside in dormitories.

No community cases were detected today.

4 imported cases

Imported cases continue to make up the bulk of new cases. Despite some worries about the amount, they pose a low risk to the community.

All 4 cases were put on Stay-Home Notice (SHN) upon arrival in Singapore.

TraceTogether required for cinema entry

From 26 Oct, watching films at the cinema will require TraceTogether entry instead of SafeEntry.


More places will require the use of TraceTogether as we progressively reopen the economy and allow larger crowds.

This will help authorities trace proximity to Covid-19 cases.

MOH will provide more detailed more updates at night.

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