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Crayon Shin-Chan Luggage Has Him Disguised As Superhero, His Massive Eyebrows Give It Away

Watsons Crayon Shin-Chan Collection Features Adorable Suitcase & Keyboard Set

Singaporeans who grew up watching Crayon Shin-Chan cartoons will have fond memories of the mischievous main character.

Recently, Watsons Taiwan launched a Crayon Shin-Chan collection which includes an adorable suitcase that has Shin-Chan disguise as a superhero.


The collection also includes other merch like keychains, plushies, and even a mouse for your computer, all adorned with details that will remind you of your favourite childhood anime.

Shin-chan luggage has him dressed in superhero costume

The item that stands out most in the collection would surely be the Shin-Chan luggage with him dressed as a superhero.


Shin-Chan tries to conceal his identity by covering his face, but his distinct eyebrows give him away.

The luggage also has a red handle and lock that’ll get you envious stares at the baggage carousel.


Its interior is rather spacious considering its size and is perfect for those weekend shopping trips.



Matching keyboard set ideal for WFH

A set of matching keyboard and mouse is also part of the collection, perfect for those who are still working from home.


The wireless gadgets come in navy-white colours, and the mouse even has Shiro – Shin Chan’s dog – printed on it.


A pink-blue mousepad completes the set with Shin-Chan seemingly staring back at you before turning away.


Lobster plushie lets you hide secret belongings

Lobsters may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Shin-Chan. But that’s likely to change after seeing the plushie that’s next in line.

Besides the red lobster costume, Shin-Chan also wears an eternal shook expression on his face which was likely how you looked when you first saw the collection.


There’s even a hidden zipper at the back that you can use to hide your keys, wallet, or other secret belongings that you want to be hidden from sight.


Alternatively, you can opt for Nene’s rabbit which has a tiny bow-tie pinned to its neck.


Each plushie is accompanied by a Tote bag that you use for your next grocery run.


Purchase Crayon Shin-chan collection online

The collection has other items like lanyards, towels, and towels too. You can check the full collection out here.


Given how adorable they look, it’s no surprise that most items are already sold out on Watsons Taiwan’s website.

Though so, you can still try your luck by putting in a request on Airfrov, which facilitates your overseas purchases.


Alternatively, you can also find them on Carousell Taiwan’s page, so if you know someone staying in Taiwan, ask them for a favour, and pray they say yes.

Image from Carousell Taiwan

Hope they come to Singapore too

If you know someone who’s a massive fan of all things Shin-Chan, consider getting them an item from the collection for a post-covid gift.

While it’s sad that they are available in such limited quantities, there’s certainly no harm in trying your luck by putting in a request via Airfrov or asking your Taiwan pals to get them for you.

For now, let’s hope the collection comes to Singapore too — we have no doubts that it’ll be a hit.

Featured image adapted from Instapiks & VOGUE Taiwan.


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