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Customer Charged S$15 For Chicken & Vegetables In Little India, Laments Unusually High Price

Customer Says S$15 For Little India Meal Is Ridiculously Expensive

When looking for fuss-free options to settle our daily meals, many of us will opt for caifan or mamak stalls as their food is budget-friendly.

However, on Saturday (2 Jul), a woman took to Facebook to share that she visited an eatery in Little India to dabao food, but was shocked when her order came up to S$15.

Source: Facebook

Netizens agreed with her, saying the rice was too pricey.

Customer did not expect Little India meal to be overpriced

On Saturday (2 Jul), the woman patronised a 24-hour mamak stall in Little India to dabao some food. She ordered vegetables, some curry chicken, and rice.

When it was time to pay, she claimed that the bill came up to S$15.

In her Facebook post, she said although she expected the dish to be slightly expensive, the final total was overpriced.

Calling this outrageous, the woman noted that this would be the first and last time she would be patronising the stall.

Netizens concur that it’s pricey

Netizens shared the woman’s sentiments, saying the stall was going overboard with such high prices.

Translation: Way too expensive
Source: 王美君 on Facebook

One netizen even went as far as to say that if it were him, he would have just left the stall immediately due to their ridiculous prices.

Translation: If it’s me, I’ll turn and walk away. Too ridiculous
Source: 王美君 on Facebook

This netizen advised the woman not to purchase food from places with no fixed pricing charts to prevent such things from happening again.


Translation: Don’t go to places without price charts to eat, can avoid unnecessary disputes
Source: 王美君 on Facebook

Hope businesses remain honest in their pricing

Recently, the prices of necessities such as electricity, oil, and food have increased, resulting in marked-up costs at eateries.

That being said, to be charged such a steep price for one meat and one vegetable does seem absurd.

While it’s understandable that businesses may do what’s necessary to protect their livelihoods, we hope they remain honest in the way they price their items.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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