M’sia Proposes Single Customs Clearance System To Ease Traffic Along S’pore-Johor Causeway

Malaysia Suggests System To Clear Customs Only Once At Either Singapore Or JB

Frequent commuters between Johor Bahru (JB) and Singapore may understand the frustration of waiting very long to clear the customs and cross the Causeway.

To counter this long-standing issue, Malaysia has proposed a ‘single clearance system’ at both Singapore and JB’s land checkpoints.

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This system could help to ease traffic congestion along the stretch.

Chairman proposes one-time customs clearance along Causeway

Under the current system, commuters have to clear customs twice en route to their destinations — once in Singapore, and another at JB.

That could change, however, if a recent proposal receives official approval.

According to The Star, Malaysia has proposed a “single clearance system” requiring commuters to only clear customs at either JB or Singapore once.

Approval of the proposal would likely see a collaboration between immigration officers of both countries.

Explaining how it would work, Mr Mohamad Fazli reportedly said,

This means Singapore’s immigration officers will be stationed at our checkpoints in Johor to clear people entering the republic, while Malaysian immigration personnel will be deployed in Singapore to clear those entering Malaysia.

He likened the system to the one that will be in place for the Rapid Transit System (RTS) once it begins operations in 2026.

However, this proposal is still in its initial stages, so the details aren’t certain yet.

Various proposals to ease traffic in the works

Mr Mohamad Fazli heads a multi-agency task force looking into easing congestion at the Causeway and Second Link in Tuas.

Besides the proposal, he revealed that the task force is seeking additional funds to increase the number of motorcycle lanes from 50 to 75 each way.

Meanwhile, another proposal could see the use of lorry lanes for passenger traffic during weekends.

Since all the ideas are still in their early stages, we’re unlikely to see drastic changes so soon.

Hopefully, however, the more feasible proposals will eventually get approval. Only then can we hope for significant improvement in traffic conditions.

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