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Cyclist Continues Journey After Watching Motorcyclist Fall, Netizens Say He Should’ve Stopped To Help

Cyclist In Changi Continues Journey After Motorcyclist Falls Over

Whenever you’re approaching a passenger crossing, it’s important to be extra mindful of pedestrians and other road users.

After all, it is harder to account for the different potentially dangerous scenarios around a traffic junction.

Unfortunately, this motorcyclist was unprepared to stop when a cyclist crossed the road just as the ‘green man’ was about to turn red.

The abrupt stop caused the motorcyclist to fall over. The cyclist whizzed past while looking back.

Thankfully, kind onlookers rushed to the aid of the motorcyclist and lifted his motorcycle that had trapped his left leg.

Cyclist crosses road as traffic lights turned red in Changi

According to the video on, the incident reportedly occurred on 5 Dec along the junction of Changi North St 1 and Upper Changi Road North.

Dashcam footage shows that the traffic lights were flashing prior to the incident.

As this happened, a motorcyclist approaching the junction was about to make a turn.


However, as he was about to set off, a cyclist went ahead and decided to cross the road, trying to beat the flashing lights.

The cyclist’s sudden appearance caused the motorcyclist to stop abruptly.


The sudden loss in momentum caused the motorcyclist to fall over with his bike.

Cyclist continued journey without stopping

When this happened, the cyclist braked for a moment and whizzed past the motorcyclist without stopping.


Thankfully, another motorcyclist and the driver behind the dashcam came to the motorcyclist’s aid.

They gathered to lift the motorcycle that seemed to have trapped the victim’s left leg after the fall.


Help each other during mishaps on the road

Though we do not know why the cyclist did not stop to help, it was unfortunate that the circumstances led to the motorcyclist’s collapse.

When travelling on the road, mishaps can happen when you least expect them. But do show concern and offer help to those in need when you can—it could make a huge difference in saving lives.

We hope the motorcyclist did not suffer severe injuries after the fall. And kudos to the kind Samaritans who came to his aid.

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Featured image adapted from on Facebook.

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