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Cyclists Ride In Huge Group In HarbourFront, Urged To Follow Safety Guidelines

Huge Gathering Of Cyclists Ride At HarbourFront

For safety reasons, some cyclists might wish to ride in groups rather than alone. However, in recent times, we’ve seen some instances of extremely large groups cycling on our roads, much to the concern of other road users.

Recently, a netizen captured footage of a large number of cyclists riding in HarbourFront.

Netizens have since called the group out for violating LTA regulations, which stipulate that only up to five riders can cycle in a single file, or up to 10 cyclist if they’re riding two abreast.

Huge group of cyclists spotted riding in HarbourFront

Last Saturday (25 Jun), a video showing the large group of cyclists was shared on the SG Road Vigilante – SGRV Facebook group.

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

In the clip, a massive group of cyclists were seen riding down Telok Blangah Road near HarbourFront Centre.

Many of them did not appear to be cycling in a single file nor adhering to the two abreast rule.

The bus in the video, as well as other vehicles on the road, seemingly had to slow down to give the cyclists room for movement.

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

At one point, one of the cyclists even touched the side of the bus before cutting in front of it.


Given the sheer size of the ‘convoy’, the bus that the OP was on also had some difficulties trying to manoeuvre to the left-most lane to stop at a bus stop.

Netizens urge cyclists to adhere to guidelines

The incident has undoubtedly sparked outrage among netizens, many of whom feel the cyclists’ actions were inconsiderate, not to mention dangerous.

This Facebook user pointed out that such activities can be beneficial if carried out in the right manner, but blocking other motorists from using the road is not the way to go about it.

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

Fellow cyclists also condemned the group’s behaviour. However, as one user pointed out, this is not representative of all cyclists in Singapore as not all of them flout the prevailing rules.

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

In response to its logo being featured in the video, the founder of Ascent Bike – a bicycle store in Singapore – stated that the company did not facilitate the event nor stand by such behaviour.

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

Crucial to adhere to cycling regulations

Cycling is an activity that enables individuals to improve their welfare and keep in good shape. Needless to say, everything is more fun when done in a group where individuals can keep each other motivated.

That said, cyclists must adhere to LTA regulations when on the roads for their own safety and that of other road users.

We hope the authorities will look into this incident and will bring to task those who blatantly violated the prevailing guidelines.

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Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook.

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