Dee Kosh Released From Prison & Returns To Social Media, Says He Has Much To Say

Dee Kosh Released From Prison With New Buzzcut, Says He’s Finally Home

The downfall of former DJ and YouTuber Dee Kosh was swift after he was accused of various sexual offences.

He eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to 32 weeks’ jail.

Time has gone by in a flash, it seems — he has apparently been released from prison.

Source: @thedeekosh on Instagram

We know this because he’s back on social media, saying he has “so much to say”.

New account belonging to Dee Kosh emerges

The world last heard from Dee Kosh when he bade farewell to followers in a final Instagram post before starting his sentence on 5 Aug 2022.

A new Instagram account has since emerged with the handle @thedeekosh — just slightly different from Dee Kosh’s previous account @deekosh, which has been deactivated.

Source: @thedeekosh on Instagram

It has just one post so far but has already gained 509 followers as of Friday (24 Mar) night.

Sole post shows a moody Dee Kosh

The sole post, made on Friday (24 Mar), is an Instagram reel containing multiple news reports, including from MS News, of the Dee Kosh saga.

We also hear from various influencers and online commentators on the story.

It ends with a moody shot of Dee Kosh himself, surrounded by darkness and sporting a new buzzcut, turning his head to look at the camera.


Source: @thedeekosh on Instagram

Looks like Dee Kosh still retains his video editing skills after his time in prison.

In the caption, he says he’s “finally home”.

Had to wear mask in jail

More of Dee Kosh can be seen in the stories.

In the first one, he says hello to Instagram with a short clip of a scene from RuPaul’s Drag Race where a contestant declares they’re “back again”.

Source: @thedeekosh on Instagram

In a subsequent story, we finally see and hear Dee Kosh speak, saying he’ll address the “elephant in the room”.

Source: @thedeekosh on Instagram

Before one starts thinking that he’s going to talk about his case, he instead asks:

So, Covid no more already is it?

He then revealed that in jail they still had to wear masks, so he didn’t know that this mandate had been relaxed in the outside world.

Dee Kosh has much to say after being released

In his most recent Instagram story, Dee Kosh writes that he has “so much to say” and explain.

Source: @thedeekosh on Instagram

He possibly yearns to discuss the offences that got him imprisoned, but perhaps also wants to talk about life in jail.

However, he also professes to be “glad to be here” — though it’s unclear if “here” means back home, back in front of the camera, or back in the public eye.

Guess we’ll know more in the coming days.

Titus welcomes Dee Kosh back

It didn’t escape our attention that OnlyFans creator Titus Low was one of the first people to welcome Dee Kosh back.

Source: Instagram

Of course, they allegedly know each other from prison, their respective jail terms having overlapped.

During their time together, Dee Kosh gave Titus advice on how to survive prison, Titus also said.

Legal troubles started in 2020

Dee Kosh’s legal troubles started when he was accused of sexual harassment in 2020.

After police investigations, he was charged in court in August 2021 with multiple offences, including sexually exploiting a minor and possessing obscene videos.

He was sentenced to jail about a year later.

Now that he’s out after less than eight months, let’s hope he’s changed for the better.

That said, now that he’s returned to social media, we’ll still be waiting for a possible tell-all video from him.

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Featured image adapted from @thedeekosh on Instagram.

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