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S’pore delivery rider called out for racist remarks against customers who made him wait while delivering Wingstop order

Singapore delivery rider slammed for racist remarks in series of Instagram stories

A delivery rider and self-proclaimed life coach in Singapore has become the subject of criticism after he made racist remarks online.

His customers had reportedly made him wait while he was delivering their Wingstop order to them.

Mentioning that they were Malay, he made defamatory remarks against them, accusing them of wanting “to be poor”.

The comments he posted have since gained criticism from netizens online.

Singapore delivery rider slammed for racist remarks against customers

In a now-expired series of Instagram stories reposted by Wake Up Singapore on Instagram, he wrote, “Dear Malay people, just because you love Wingstop and just because you love to wait doesn’t mean that delivery riders love to wait.”

Source: @wakeupsingapore on Instagram

“Just because you love to be poor doesn’t mean people love to be poor… Simple.”

He added that not all delivery riders could cancel their order, claiming that the customers did not “have a heart”.

“And since you like to make people wait why don’t you just tip them,” the rider added. “10 minutes is really a lot to some people.”

In the next story that he posted, he clarified that he did not want to make “generalisations”, before proceeding to state:

It’s starting to seem like poor mindset and Malay people and [Malay kids] make a lot of noise… And then smoke… In the lift.

Rider brings up Chinese prime ministers in Singapore

The rider went on to elaborate on his opinion, bringing up the issue of Singapore’s prime ministers being Chinese.


“I think it’s done on purpose,” he concluded. “It’s not to say that other cultures are not as great… But without sounding racist I think it is factually true to some extent.”

Source: Instagram

Claiming that the Chinese culture had “done way more”, he said that there should be research as to why this was the case and what should be changed.

He continued to lament about delivering for Wingstop, alleging that their management was poor, saying, “They always refuse to do mine first… And I just cannot cancel the order.”

Source: Instagram

The rider went on to reiterate his claims that Malay customers were impatient, stating:

“I find it extremely comical that people say Malay love to wait.”

“When I see a Malay [customer] ordering Wingstop I find it even more comical,” he said. “In general you only can either ask them for tips or ask them to go down, and they might not… Nothing can be done.”

Criticised by netizens for remarks

He then quoted a line of his “research”, allegedly obtained from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, ChatGPT.

Source: Instagram

The platform had apparently informed him that while both Chinese and Malay civilisations had made great contributions, Chinese inventions had greater scale and impact due to the country’s historical records and larger influence.

“Now do you understand why…there is no such thing as Malay prime minister in Singapore,” he asked. “This is one of my guesses.”

The rider took another opportunity to bring up Malay customers ordering from Wingstop, concluding that he would try to find out if Chinese diners did the same.

His comments have resulted in criticism by netizens online, with many heading to his Instagram posts to call him out for his words.

Source: Instagram

MS News has reached out to the rider for more information on the matter.

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