2 Diners Didn’t Put Masks On After Eating, Fined $300 Each For Breaching Measures

32 Diners Fined $300 Each For Flouting Safe Distancing Rules, 2 Caught For Not Wearing Masks After Eating

We’ve been in Phase 2 for more than 3 months now, and the daily number of Covid-19 cases has dropped to single-digits in the community. So it seems that people have become complacent.

Some people may think it’s okay for them to break the rules as the F&B outlet they’re in will be punished, not them. Well, they’re wrong about that.

The authorities have already said that groups of more than 5 who’re not from the same household aren’t supposed to dine together, even at separate tables, and they will be fined if they’re caught.

Thus, it has come to pass that 32 diners have been fined for not following these rules. 8 food and beverage (F&B) outlets have been also ordered to close.


32 diners broke the rules

The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) issued a press release on Monday (28 Sep).

It said a total of 32 people were found to have flouted safe management measures during inspections at F&B outlets between 12 Sep and 25 Sep.

Thus, they will be fined $300 each.

Some of the breaches included:

  1. Gathering and sitting in groups of more than 5
  2. Intermingling between tables
  3. Not wearing masks immediately after eating or drinking



Couple fined for not wearing masks after meal

MSE specifically mentioned a couple who were dining at an F&B outlet in Orchard at 2.50am on Friday (25 Sep).

After they finished their meal, they didn’t wear their masks back on, and continued talking to each other.

Even after their table had been cleared, they remained there. They still didn’t put their masks on, and kept talking to each other.

Thus, they were fined $300 each for the offence.


8 F&B outlets ordered to close

MSE also said that 8 F&B outlets have each been ordered to close for a period of 10 days.

The offences they committed included allowing groups of more than 5 and letting customers drink after 10.30pm.

They are:

  1. Brewerkz at Riverside Point (30 Merchant Road)
  2. Ggang Tong (60/62/64 Tanjong Pagar Road)
  3. Siam Square Mookata at The Punggol Settlement (3 Punggol Point Road)
  4. A drinks stall in a coffee shop (59 New Upper Changi Road)
  5. Chicken Up (48/50 Tanjong Pagar Road)
  6. A drinks stall at Blk 26, Jalan Membina
  7. Jamboree Bar & Café at Orchard Towers
  8. Café de Muse at Shaw House

MSE helpfully provided a detailed list of what they found at each of these establishments that led to the closures, in case you want to know what not to do.

1. Brewerkz at Riverside Point

On 12 Sep at 8.45pm, 8 people were seen seated across 2 tables at the beer specialists.

They were also mingling with one another.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) ordered them to close from 25 Sep to 4 Oct.


2. Ggang Tong at Tanjong Pagar Road

On 16 Sep at 9.05pm, officers went to Ggang Tong, a Korean restaurant located on Tanjong Pagar Road.

A total of 12 diners were seen split across 2 tables. 6 were seated at each table — not sure if they could count, but 6 is obviously 1 more than 5, so not sure how they thought they would be able to get away with this.


Not only that, the 12 diners were mingling with one another, and even sharing food across tables.

URA ordered Ggang Tong to close shop from 25 Sept to 4 Oct.


3. Siam Square Mookata at The Punggol Settlement

On 16 Sep at 10.45pm, customers seated at 2 tables were seen drinking alcohol at 10.45pm — 15 minutes after the 10.30pm limit.

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) ordered the outlet to close from 19 Sep to 28 Sep.


4. A drinks stall in a coffee shop on New Upper Changi Road

16 Sep was indeed a busy night as at 10.50pm, patrons at 4 tables were seen consuming alcohol at an outdoor refreshment area.

The alcohol was from the drinks stall of a coffee shop on New Upper Changi Road.

SFA told the drinks stall to close from 19 Sep to 28 Sep.


5. Chicken Up at Tanjong Pagar Road

On 18 Sep at 9.15pm, 10 diners were seen split across 2 tables.

They were also interminging.

URA ordered Chicken Up to close from 26 Sep to 5 Oct.


6. A drinks stall at Blk 26, Jalan Membina

Also on 19 Sep at 11.20pm, a man was seen drinking alcohol at an outdoor refreshment area at Block 26 Jalan Membina.

The drinks stall at a coffee shop in the block was ordered by SFA to close from 23 Sep to 2 Oct.


7. Jamboree Bar & Café at Orchard Towers

On 25 Sep, patrons of different groups, and seated at different tables, were seen to be intermingling at Jamboree Bar & Café.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) ordered the outlet to close from 26 Sep to 5 Oct.


8. Café de Muse at Shaw Centre

Lastly, on 25 Sep at 10.30pm, groups of people were seen queuing at the entrance to the 24-hour F&B outlet but weren’t keeping a 1m distance from one another.

They were also not screened for their temperature.


Inside, diners weren’t kept at least 1m apart when seated.

Thus, STB told Café de Muse to close from 26 Sep to 5 Oct.

14 other F&B outlets fined

Besides the 8 F&B outlets that were told to close, 14 other outlets have also been fined.

Some of their offences include:

  1. Allowing groups of more than 5 to be seated together
  2. Allowing groups to intermingle between tables
  3. Not ensuring groups are spaced about at least 1m apart
  4. Not ensuring food handlers wear masks properly

Of the 14 outlets, 13 were fined $1,000 and 1 more was fined $2,000 as it was a repeat offence.

15 more F&B outlets to be dealt with

Apart from those listed above, 15 more F&B outlets that breached the rules have yet to be dealt with.

Their offences were picked up from 25 to 26 Sep, when more inspections were conducted on 240 F&B outlets.

The incidents are being reviewed and punishment will be meted out that includes temporary closures and fines.

Grace Fu urges S’poreans to be mindful

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (29 Sep), Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu urged Singaporeans to be mindful of simple rules, including wearing masks while waiting for food and putting them on after eating.


She said it’s important to remain vigilant in F&B establishment, as people gather there to eat and drink for a long time, and don’t wear masks.

Thus, inspections will continue at F&B outlets to make sure the rules are followed, she added.

You can’t hide for long

The fines issued to diners are good reminder that you aren’t immune from safe distancing rules when you’re on the premises of an F&B outlet.

You may think nobody will see you not put your mask back on, or the outlet will get most of the blame anyway, but you can’t hide for long — with the continued inspections, there’s always a chance that you’ll be caught eventually.

So for the sake of Singapore’s health, do follow the rules as we’re not out of the woods yet when it comes to Covid-19.

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Featured images adapted from MSE.

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