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S’porean Claims Dior Salesperson ‘Disrespected’ Her Mum For Looking ‘Poor’, Returns To Buy Multiple Bags

Singaporean Buys Dior Bags After Sales Associate Looked Down On Mum

Walking into a luxury store is often a wonderful experience. But sometimes, it may be hard to completely avoid salespeople who are eager to sell you something you don’t exactly want.

But ironically, it can feel even worse to realise that the staff members are overlooking you because they assume you wouldn’t be able to afford their items.

A Singaporean mum got a taste of how that felt like when she was apparently ignored by a sales associate at a Dior store in Italy.

Feeling disrespected on her behalf, her daughter then returned to the store later and bought several bags at once.

Dior salesperson allegedly ignored mum and served others

According to the TikTok video posted by @nahtyourbby, her mother visited a Dior store when they were travelling in Italy.

8world News reported that the daughter, Amjea, is a Singaporean living in the United States.

Upon entering the store, the sales associate allegedly refused to show Amjea’s mother the items she was looking for and ignored her. After 10 minutes, the staff went to serve another customer instead.

After her mum told her what had happened, Amjea insisted on returning to the store even though her mum didn’t want to. “But I told her that’s not the right way to deal with your life’s problems.”

I know the SA (sales associate) life is a tough life. You can disrespect me but never disrespect my mum.

When they returned, Amjea sought the assistance of another sales associate, who was the friend of the sales associate who did not serve her mum yesterday.


Source: TikTok

She said he was “really nice”. He offered them basic customer service, as well as coffee and water.

Source: TikTok

After Amjea and her mum picked out the items to buy, he told them they could go to lunch and return to pick the items up.

Source: TikTok

Over lunch, the sales associate and Amjea continued communicating over text, and she agreed to buy more items.

When she returned and paid for the goods, the first sales associate – AKA the one who did not serve Amjea’s mum – reportedly told her colleague, “Congratulations,” sarcastically.

Amjea ended the video by saying that she would do anything to make her mum happy.

She reminds others that not all sales associates are the same

In the comments section, @nahtyourbby reiterated that not all sales associates are the same, and she simply chose to work with the one they preferred.

Source: @nahtyourbby on TikTok

Some were perplexed, asking her why she patronised a store where her mum faced disrespect.

Source: @nahtyourbby on TikTok


Others were happy for them as her mum was able to get the bag she wanted.

Source: @nahtyourbby on TikTok

Treating everybody with respect

Nobody likes the feeling of being looked down upon, and we can be even more sensitive when our parents are at the receiving end of disrespect.

However, as Amjea reiterated in the comments, we should avoid letting one black sheep affect our perceptions of salespeople in general.

After all, everyone is working hard to support themselves as we ought to treat everyone the way we want to be treated.

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Featured image adapted from @nahtyourbby on TikTok.

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