Dog That Escaped From Plane Found At Airport, Has Happy Reunion With Owner & Best Friend

Missing Dog Found Near Changi Airport Thanks To AirTag & Help From The Public

When a dog broke out from her crate while boarding a plane and went missing for 9 days, her owner may have wondered if she would ever see her beloved pet again.

Thankfully, the dramatic tale now has a happy ending – the dog has been found safe and sound.


She’s since had a happy reunion with her owner and best friend – another dog adopted by her owner.

Owner grateful for dog’s return

In a Facebook post on Sunday (10 Apr), Oreo’s owner Peixuan Sng announced the happy news of her return after 9 days.


She said today was the “happiest day” of her life and expressed gratitude to her family, friends and more than 842 search group members who helped out and kept her going.

Apparently, Oreo had been inside Changi Airport’s restricted area all along.

Dog’s AirTag pinged on Sunday near Changi Airport

Since Oreo went missing on 1 Apr, Ms Sng set up a Telegram chat for those helping to find the missing pooch.

Many kind-hearted members of the public had been helping out by sending any info they could find to the chat.


At 3.37pm on Sunday (10 Apr), Ms Sng excitedly said that the dog’s AirTag – a tracking device developed by Apple used to find objects – had pinged that morning.

It showed Oreo’s location near an unnamed road off Changi North Crescent – close to the airport, where she’d escaped from.


Owner rushes to scene

Following this revelation, Ms Sng rushed down to the scene, though Oreo might be in the restricted area surrounding the airport.

Members of the chat group also identified a building nearby as SIA Engineering.


Other search group members who’d gotten wind of the news also rushed down.

Image from Telegram

Owner liaised with CAG

Soon, Ms Sng arrived and started liaising with Changi Airport Group (CAG) as Oreo may still be inside the restricted area.

Image from Telegram

She also asked for those coming down to help search the area.

Chat group members who had contacts in CAG also helped to notify them.

Missing dog found behind fence near airport

Eventually, photos were posted that delighted everyone — Oreo seen behind the fence, identifiable by her brown collar.


However, since she was inside the restricted area, help from airport staff would be needed.


They would have to drive to the area to get Oreo, and the search group members hoped she wouldn’t run away.

Eventually, officers from the CAG wildlife team arrived and managed to find Oreo.


Seeing her owner and group of humans on the other side, Oreo started yelping, with Ms Sng and the others calling out to her from the other side of the fence.

Image courtesy of Peixuan Sng

However, it seemed that Oreo would need to be leashed for the officers to get her.

Image from Telegram

Luckily, the officers managed to put a leash on her. The CAG wildlife team have been doing this for years, Ms Sng told MS News, and have great experience with animals.

Image from Telegram

A lady also had some food for the hungry dog.

Oreo safe & with owner

Finally, Ms Sng posted a grateful update — Oreo was safe and sound, very tired but back with her.

Image from Telegram

She also thanked everybody for their help.

Heartwarming photos and videos were later posted of the reunion between dog and loving owner.

Image from Telegram

Oren reunited with best friend

Later, Ms Sng posted an even more uplifting video — of Oreo’s reunion with Toffee, the other dog she owns.

Image courtesy of Peixuan Sng

The lighter-coloured dog was adopted about a month after Oreo, and they’ve become best friends due to having grown up together.


Ms Sng even described Oreo as the “light of our lives”. Thus, Oreo’s homecoming must have been touching indeed for them.

Oreo given water & food

When Oreo got back, she was understandably thirsty and hungry after 9 days at the airport.

Thus, she gulped down lots of water.

Image from Telegram

They cooked her some juicy steak for dinner.

Photo courtesy of Peixuan Sng

She also got some much-needed rest, safe in her owner’s lap.

Photo courtesy of Peixuan Sng

Broke out through hole in crate

The saga started when Oreo was transported to Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight SQ38 to Los Angeles on 1 Apr, Ms Sng said.

However, she escaped about 4 to 5 hours into the process.

Apparently, the dog managed to break out through a hole in the side of the crate.


When told of Oreo’s escape, Ms Sng got off the plane to find her and has remained in Singapore ever since.

A happy ending

Many missing pets vanish forever, and some may have feared the worst after there was no news of Oreo for 9 days.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending that brought tears to our eyes.

Kudos to Ms Sng for never giving up and to fellow dog lovers for doing their best to help Oreo get home safely.

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Featured image adapted from Peixuan Sng on Facebook.

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