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Pet Dog Spotted With Plastic Bag Tied Around Body At Woodlands HDB, Helper Defends Actions

Pet Dog With Plastic Bag Tied On Seen At Woodlands HDB, Helper Accused Of Abusing It

A man spotted a pet dog with a plastic bag tied around its hind legs in a Woodlands HDB void deck.

Holding the dog on its leash was a domestic helper sitting on a knee-high ledge looking at her mobile phone.

She was holding the leash too short to allow the dog to lower its head, and the plastic bag also prevented it from sitting.

The man accused the helper of animal abuse, but she claimed her employer ordered her to place the plastic bag there.

Plastic bag tied around dog

A video uploaded to TikTok showed a helper and her employer’s dog in a Woodlands HDB void deck.

Someone had tied a plastic bag around the dog’s waist, preventing it from sitting down.

Source: @wanfly_1105 on TikTok

The helper appeared unconcerned, sitting on a ledge while glued to her phone.

With both hands occupied with the device, she held the leash with her feet instead. The amount of leash between her feet and the dog’s neck prevented it from lowering its head or lying down.

As such, the poor pooch was left standing in one spot awkwardly.

Source: @wanfly_1105 on TikTok

Helper claims her employer told her to tie the plastic bag to the dog

The OP wrote that from his outside point of view, this was animal abuse.


The dog can’t even sit as the plastic is tied up to the dog’s waist,” he explained in the caption.

The helper allegedly removed the plastic when confronted and asked why he was recording her. The OP then claimed she started to “walk the dog as normal”.

She also defended herself, saying that her employer ordered her to tie the plastic bag to the dog.

There didn’t appear to be an explanation as to why her employer had asked her to do this.

The OP seemed unconvinced, hoping the video would reach her employer.

Netizens split on opinions

Some expressed similar heartbreak at what they saw as dog abuse.

Source: @wanfly_1105 on TikTok

However, a number of commenters suggested that the helper was waiting for the dog to do its business into the bag before taking it off.

Source: @wanfly_1105 on TikTok

Others accused the OP of being nosy and putting unnecessary pressure on domestic helpers.

Source: @wanfly_1105 on TikTok

However, some who claimed to be helpers pitched in, saying that they treated their employer’s dogs better than what was shown in the video.

Source: @wanfly_1105 on TikTok

Besides, even if the helper used the plastic bag reasonably, holding the dog on such a tight leash is still unacceptable.

We hope the helper can learn from this and take care of the dog better.

In other news related to helpers, one was seen leaving an elderly man in a wheelchair aside while she used her phone last month.

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Featured image adapted from @wanfly_1105 on TikTok.

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