2 Doggos Rescued After Living In S’pore Scrapyard For 8 Years, Now Seeking Adopters 

2 Affectionate Doggos Who Used To Roam In Scrapyard Now Looking For Adopters

Imagine living in a place filled with wet mud, scrap metal and broken glass and having to be wary of each step you take.

That’s the kind of life 2 doggos, Macy and Millie, led for 8 years of their lives. The scrapyard was the only home they knew.

Thankfully, animal welfare group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) rescued them.


They hope to find a furever home that will give these adorable doggos a clean and loving environment to live out their golden years.

Scrapyard had broken glass, mud & scrap metal everywhere

On Wednesday (25 Aug), CDAS shared the story of 2 doggos, Macy and Millie, who used to live caged up in a scrapyard.


It was only recently that the pair were allowed to roam freely.

But with broken glass, rocks, wet mud, and scrap metal littered all around the scrapyard they called home, the environment was not conducive for living in, to say the least.



Over time, Macy’s fur became overgrown and matted. It reached a point where she struggled even to walk.

Macy & Millie are friendly & affectionate

While Macy and Millie have not led the most charmed life, their sweet nature shines through.

According to the Facebook post, both the doggos are very friendly and affectionate.

When they hear their names being called, they’d always wag their tails in happiness to greet the person.


Having already rescued 3 of Macy and Millie’s friends in the last few months, CDAS couldn’t leave these 2 behind.

They took the doggos in and cleaned them up, even bringing them to a vet for a health checkup.


Poor Macy ended up having a large patch of fur shaved off because of how matted it had become.


In total, the 2 dogs’ medical expenses amounted to about $1,369, according to bills shared by CDAS.

Doggos rescued from scrapyard looking for adopters

Now, CDAS is searching for adopters for Macy and Millie.

Macy (left) and Millie

The group shared that they are the sweetest dogs one will ever meet despite the dogs’ ruff past.

If one opens up their homes for them, they’re sure to appreciate and return the love tenfold.

CDAS hopes that Macy and Millie would be able to find an adopter or fosterer and can live out their golden years in an improved and more suitable environment.

Reach out to CDAS to contribute

Living in a scrapyard, caged or not, is not safe for any dog.

We’re glad CDAS is giving Macy and Millie a second chance at life in the hope that they would get the love and care they deserve.

If you would like to adopt or foster them, you can reach out to CDAS via Facebook message here.

Alternatively, you could also contribute by helping to fund their medical bills.

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Featured image adapted from Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Facebook.

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