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Dollar Notes Float Away At Marina Bay Sands River, Now Everyone Wants To Jump In

Dollar Notes Float Away At Marina Bay Sands River After Wallet Clip Unlatches

Although we’ve become accustomed to tapping our cards to pay for everything and anything these days, cash is still king for some folks.

But if this incident doesn’t change their minds, we doubt anything will.

On Wednesday (27 Jul), TikTok user @bleegoodstuff shared a video of multiple Singapore dollar notes floating on the river at Marina Bay Sands.

In his caption, he explained that the money allegedly belonged to a feng shui master whose wallet clip unbuckled, allowing the wind to blow his cash into the water.

After seeing all that “free money”, netizens quipped that they would jump in to grab the notes without hesitation.

Dollar notes in Marina Bay Sands river supposedly belong to feng shui master

According to @bleefoodstuff, the supposed feng shui master was on the phone when a gust of wind blew his money out of his wallet.

Source: @bleegoodstuff on TikTok

At that time, the man was hard at work, teaching someone on the other end of the phone about keeping their wealth.

Finding the situation ironic, OP quipped, “[Like] dude [your] money literally just flew away into the water.”

Seizing this golden opportunity, OP’s friends used nets to try and fish out the notes.

However, try as they might, their efforts failed and they didn’t manage to get anything.

Netizens say they would’ve jumped into the river

Many netizens said that they would’ve gone one step further and actually jumped into the river to grab the cash.

However, while the idea sounds good in theory, OP reminded them that the fine for doing so might cost way more than the money they fish out from the water.

Source: @bleegoodstuff on TikTok

This punny netizen’s play on words earned almost 3,000 ‘likes’. ‘Feng’ means ‘wind’ in Chinese, while ‘shui’ means water.

Source: @bleegoodstuff on TikTok

While we don’t know what exactly happened to the money as it flowed down the river, we hope it eventually reached someone who could use some cheering up.

Time to start going cashless

We often hear the phrase “money falling from the sky”, but in this case, money flowed down the river instead.

After this incident, we won’t be surprised if the feng shui master finally starts going cashless.

At the very least, we think he should invest in a more secure wallet.

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Featured image adapted from @bleegoodstuff on TikTok.

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