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EasyJet Flight Cancelled After Someone Poops On Floor, Cabin Filled With ‘Unpleasant’ Smell

EasyJet Passenger Poops On Toilet Floor

An easyJet flight due from Spain to London met with a revolting disaster when a passenger left poop on the toilet floor.

Plane and luggage troubles annoyed passengers with a three-hour departure delay.

Things then got worse when passengers discovered faeces on the front airplane toilet. An unpleasant smell flowed out into the plane’s cabin.

After an initial attempt to clean the mess, the pilots told the passengers to disembark the plane for a hotel.

Flight to Spain faces numerous delays

CNN Travel reported on the disastrous easyJet Flight EZY8054 on 15 Oct. Misfortune struck before passengers even boarded, as the initial plane due to bring them from Tenerife, Spain, to London, United Kingdom (UK) could not do so.

Source: @kelvin_size on Instagram, for illustration purposes only

A replacement aircraft took its place, but due to its smaller size, some 10 passengers had to be turned away, reported The Independent. Unlucky, it seemed, but given impending events, perhaps these few were the actual lucky ones.

Those who made it on board did so two hours after the scheduled departure. They then waited over an hour more on the runway while airport staff dealt with overweight luggage.

“Everyone was just a bit tense,” said passenger Aaran Gedhu. The budget easyJet seats did not lend to relaxation for the annoyed passengers.

However, the pilot finally announced that the plane could take off in 20 minutes. It seemed their troubles were over.

Fate turned out to be especially cruel that day. Gedhu alleged seeing two passengers visiting the front airplane bathroom.


Source: Getty Images via Daily Star, for illustration purposes only

Then, word spread throughout the plane that somebody had defecated, not in the toilet bowl but on the floor.

EasyJet flight cancelled after passenger poops on the toilet floor

A smell described as ‘unpleasant’ filled the plane cabin. The circumstances delayed the flight once more as airport cleaners boarded to clean up the mess.

Passengers remained in their seats, unhappy but remaining civil and polite. Gedhu described the experience as “very uncomfortable”, perhaps an understatement.

Eventually, it appeared the unsanitary waste proved too problematic. In a video by passenger Kitty Streek, the captain announced that the easyJet flight was cancelled due to toilet troubles.

He told passengers that they would have to disembark.

Source: @kittystreekx on X

The captain said they would be provided hotels overnight and fly back to London the next morning. The passengers let out a collective groan at the news and began grumbling.

“Who sh*t on the floor?” One passenger asked aloud, to no reply.

The disembarking took place after another 30 minutes, and the passengers had to take a 45-minute drive to the provided hotel.

The next day saw the passengers board a specially scheduled “rescue” flight, which mercifully escaped any reported toilet-related incidents.

Comments between Ms Streek and an alleged fellow passenger described the rescue flight’s crew as understanding and positive.

Source: X

Plane required additional cleaning

CNN Travel reported that easyJet confirmed the initial delays were due to safety reasons.

“The flight was subsequently delayed overnight due to the aircraft requiring additional cleaning,” they continued. They then added that they provided hotels to all affected customers, and agreed to reimburse any who booked their own.

“The safety and wellbeing of our customers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority, and while this was outside of our control, we would like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused.”

Last month, a similar poop-related aircraft incident occurred on a Delta Airlines plane when a passenger had diarrhoea all over the plane aisle.

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Featured image adapted from @kittystreekx on X and Getty Images via Daily Star, for illustration purposes only.

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