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EZ-Link & TransitLink Mobile Apps To Merge, Will Be One-Stop Customer Service Touchpoint For Commuters

EZ-Link & TransitLink To Merge In Second Half Of 2024

If you frequently use public transport, you would be familiar with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) subsidiaries, EZ-Link and TransitLink.

TransitLink was established in 1987 to process fare transactions and provide transit ticketing services, such as top-ups.

LTA then set up EZ-Link in 2002 to oversee the sale, distribution, and management of EZ-Link cards.

Well, things are about to get a lot more convenient for commuters as the two subsidiaries are set to merge by the second half of next year.

EZ-Link & TransitLink to collectively simplify & streamline services

In a news release on Tuesday (28 Mar), LTA announced that EZ-Link and TransitLink are working together to “simplify and streamline the ticketing experience”.

They aim to provide commuters with a single point of contact for all transit ticketing and travel card-related services.

Source: Reddit

According to LTA, the introduction of SimplyGo in 2019 made transit ticketing and travel card services more closely related.

SimplyGo is an electronic payment mode for public transportation via contactless bank cards, SimplyGo EZ-Link cards, and concession cards.

LTA reported that one in two adult public transport trips are made using SimplyGo.

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

It added that unifying EZ-Link and TransitLink will present a one-stop customer service touchpoint for commuters.

This means that commuters will be able to view their fares and top-up their travel cards through a single platform as opposed to having to toggle between two apps.

Source: EZ-Link

Additionally, after the streamlining process, commuters will be able to get assistance on all ticketing and card matters through an integrated customer service.

In the meantime, commuters can continue to approach TransitLink and EZ-Link for their respective services. There will be no change to how commuters can pay their fares.

Both subsidiaries to merge into single entity

In the news release, LTA also announced that TransitLink and EZ-Link are planning to merge. The merger is likely to take place in the second half of 2024.

This will allow for a common platform for innovation and business opportunities.

LTA is working with TransitLink and EZ-Link to implement the integration of services and merger of the entities to ensure the seamless integration of staff and operations.

Source: Google Maps

Nevertheless, LTA reassured that the merger exercise will not result in any job loss.

Ng Lang, Chief Executive of LTA, said,

With the increasing adoption of SimplyGo, this stronger collaboration between TransitLink and EZ-Link will provide commuters with greater convenience and access to related transit ticketing services through a single interface.

More details will be released when plans are finalised.

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