S’porean Father Shows Unconditional Love By Supporting His Daughter’s Life Choices

Jinghan Embraced Her New Religion In 2015

There’s a Chinese saying (世上只有妈妈好) claiming that mums are the best. But dads can be equally loving too, as you’ll soon see.

What was originally a regular transaction between a Carousell seller and the father of Jinghan Naan, turned into a tale of unconditional fatherly love.


On Tuesday (22 Jan), Jinghan took to Facebook to share the conversation between her father and the seller.

Here’s her post in full, we also break it down after the jump.


Meeting with a Carousell user

Jinghan originally helped to arrange a meet-up with a Carousell seller on behalf of her father.

On the day of the transaction, the seller was confused as he was initially “expecting a Malay”.

Jinghan’s father explained that the person who arranged the meeting was his daughter – a Chinese lady who embraced her husband’s religion after their blissful union.


The seller then proceed to ask if he was in favour of Jinghan’s conversion, to which he answered,

I support!

Daughter’s happiness is paramount

At this point, Jinghan asked her father why he has never objected her conversion.

Despite it having been nearly 4 years since her conversion in May 2015, this was a question that Jinghan had yet to ask her father in person.


This was the explanation – translated from Chinese – that Jinghan’s father gave.


In short, Jinghan’s father felt that as a parent, his children’s happiness is of utmost importance.

Furthermore, he has no reason to reject the religion that his Jinghanchooses to embrace. That’s because in his opinion,

Every religion teaches good.

Therefore, he has no issues with Jinghan’s conversion, as long as she’s happy.

If you were to tell me that this religion makes you happy, why should I stop you?

A man of his word

On hindsight, Jinghan felt that her father’s words were profound, yet mostly stemmed from common sense.

As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people in society claim to hold that same view.

Yet according to her, the key difference that sets her father apart is the fact that he follows through with his words, even if that means he can never have his favourite barbecue food together with her.

And that, at least to Jinghan, is the reason why her father is a man of wisdom.

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