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Father In China Threatens Son With Samurai Sword Over Poor Test Performance, Accidentally Kills Him

Father In China Accidentally Kills 13-Year-Old Son With Samurai Sword Over PE Grade

Many of us will remember our parents trying different methods to get us to improve our grades.

One father in Sichuan, China, resorted to a rather extreme measure of scaring his son with a Samurai sword whenever his grades were unsatisfactory.

In a tragic turn of events, his son ended up bleeding to death after he accidentally stabbed the 13-year-old while threatening him over his poor Physical Education (PE) test grades on 17 Jan 2022.

The Chinese court has since sentenced the father to 12 years in prison.

Father allegedly kills son by accident using samurai sword

According to Sichuan television station Sichuanguancha (direct pinyin translation), the father alleged that he was only trying to scare his child into improving his grades as the boy had scored only 18 marks on his PE test.

This was apparently the third time that the father had threatened his son with a Samurai sword over the latter’s subpar grades.

This time, however, he stepped forward in a moment of anger and accidentally stabbed his son.

A reenactment of the scene was revealed in court.

Calls for help after accidental stabbing

Sichuanguancha reported that the accused is a divorcee who had been single-handedly raising his son for 10 years.

Closed-circuit television footage revealed by Sichuanguancha shows that the father called the emergency medical hotline after the incident to seek emergency treatment for his child.


Translation of father’s call to emergency services: “I’ve hurt him, he’s injured.”
Source: Sichuanguancha

Unfortunately, the boy later succumbed to his injuries due to heavy bleeding.

Heartbreakingly, the child’s last words were said to be,

Dad, I am studying hard!

Gets 12 years in prison for son’s death

During his trial, the father claimed that he had no ill intention when he was threatening his son.

Of his crimes, he said, “I am not an evil person, I did the worst thing with the best intentions at heart.”

Translation: I did the worst thing with the best intentions at heart
Source: Sichuanguancha

The court sentenced him to 12 years in prison for intentionally inflicting injury on his son.

One can only imagine the remorse the father may be feeling for the outcome of his actions. While his condition may be pitiful, his actions did claim an innocent young life.

Besides reflecting on what he did, we also hope he’ll be able to cope with the tragic loss of his son.

May the boy rest in peace.

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All images adapted from Sichuanguancha.

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