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Street Fight Breaks Out Between Driver & Young Woman At City Gate, Police Investigating Incident

Van Driver & Woman Fight Along Street Near City Gate Shopping Mall In Bugis

UPDATE (7 Jul, 10am): The Straits Times reported that the police are investigating a fight between a man and woman along Beach Road on 6 Jul. They apparently confirmed that they were alerted to the incident at about 9am that day,

Fights in broad daylight may not be that common in Singapore. Even so, the violence seen in these incidents can be quite shocking.

Recently, a driver and a woman were involved in a street fight near City Gate shopping mall located in the outskirts of Bugis. Thankfully, both left the scene seemingly without any serious injuries.

However, footage of the incident has since gone viral, with some netizens jokingly comparing the lady involved to Chun-Li

Van driver and woman fight on street near City Gate shopping mall

A video showing the incident was posted on the SG Kaypoh 人!Facebook page on Wednesday (6 Jul) afternoon.

At the start of the clip, a woman was seen arguing with the driver of a van before proceeding to kick the side of the vehicle.

Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

As the lady retreated, the driver stopped the van, alighted, and landed a heavy slap on her.

Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

A verbal spat then ensued before the woman tried kicking the man, which he smoothly dodged.


Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

The pair continued to tussle and exchange blows for a while.

Towards the end of the clip, the woman repeatedly kicked the van’s left side-view mirror, causing it to loosen.

In retaliation, the driver threw the lady to the ground before driving off.

Given the surroundings, it’s likely that the incident took place along Minto Road next to the City Gate shopping mall in Bugis.

Source: Google Maps

Netizens express concern over violent scene

Footage of the bizarre incident has since gone viral on Facebook, with many commenting on the violent and brazen nature of the brawl.

Some expressed concerns over the woman’s welfare. While she left the scene with seemingly no injuries, her fight with the male driver looked pretty physical.

Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

Others, however, offered a more light-hearted response to the fight. This user, for instance, compared the woman to Chun-Li — a popular character from the Street Fighter game series.

Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

Meanwhile, another commented that the fight must’ve been a “free show” for folks at the opposite building.

Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

Hope both parties did not suffer serious injuries

Given the stressful times we’re living in, there’s probably plenty to get angry about. However, violence should never be the answer to any of our problems.

Hopefully, both individuals did not suffer any serious injuries as a result of the tussle. May this serve as a reminder for the rest of us not to get our hackles up unnecessarily.

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Featured image adapted from SG Kaypoh on Facebook.

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