S’porean Rates Food Delivery Customer Service, Ranks Deliveroo Top For Quick Reply & Refund

Singaporean Rates Food Delivery Customer Service Based On Their Responses

Food delivery services have seen a rise, particularly during the Circuit Breaker period when we could only go out to buy essentials. However, this doesn’t mean that they have the same quality of customer service.


A Reddit user weighed the pros and cons for the customer service of popular delivery apps.


It seems that Deliveroo comes out on top in the eyes of this netizen.

Netizen rates 3 customer service arms of food delivery services

A Redditor shared on r/singapore their experience with the customer service of Deliveroo, Foodpanda and GrabFood.

According to the netizen, Deliveroo was given the top rating in terms of customer service due to their concise writing and the immediate refund given for a botched order.


Although Foodpanda took 2-5 days to resolve an issue, a refund was still given within 2 days.

To them, the downside was that the email wasn’t concise, with a long preamble about the issue a customer faced.


Furthermore, there was a random unsolicited fact about the numbers of burgers Americans eat.


GrabFood also had a neat email format like Deliveroo, with clear and concise language.


However, no apparent refund was given over a spillage, though we’re unsure if they followed up with the customer later on.

Different priorities for customers

While many Singaporeans care about value for money and delivery speed, some also appreciate the efficiency of good customer service in case of a mishap.

Regardless of where our priorities lie, we should continue to appreciate honest delivery riders who work hard every day to send orders to our doorstep, no matter rain or shine.

The rankings are only one netizen’s opinion after all, and our individual experiences may differ. Those who agree may have certain reasons, while others have theirs.

What are your experiences with these services in terms of customer service? Let us know in the comments or drop us an email.

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