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Saluting Frog Mascot Chases Mixue Snowman At Paya Lebar Square, Latter Deflates In Defeat

Saluting Frog Mascot And Mixue Snowman Finally Meet At Paya Lebar Square

Recently, the viral saluting frog from China made rounds in social media after it was sighted at Bugis and Paya Lebar.

A few eager commenters quipped that they wanted to see the mascot have a showdown with ‘Snow King’, Mixue’s snowman mascot.

Well, their wishes have been made a reality, as the two mascots apparently crossed paths yesterday (25 May).

A TikTok user chanced upon their encounter and shared the much-anticipated meeting.

@fifibunnie mixue x douyin frog collab #tiktoksg #fyp ♬ cupid – aura ! (✿˘˘✿)

In a hilarious turn of events, Snow King melted in defeat after falling and being chased around.

Saluting frog mascot chases Mixue snowman

In the video, the saluting frog mascot can be seen running toward Snow King from afar.

As it approached, Snow King also took off running, or rather, speed-waddling.

Source: @fifibunnie on TikTok

Both mascots’ bouncing bodies made the chase even more adorable for the amused onlookers.

The gathering crowd did not stop the pair from continuing their chase as they wove through the bystanders.

At one point, the saluting frog mascot managed to grab onto its opponent, although the snowman subsequently managed to slip out of its grasp.


Source: @fifibunnie on TikTok

However, in its haste, the snowman slipped and fell on its back.

Source: @fifibunnie on TikTok

To everyone’s delight, the frog mascot took its chance and jumped onto the fallen Snow King.

Source: @fifibunnie on TikTok

As if defeated by the encounter, Snow King stood up only to deflate to its knees soon after.

Source: @fifibunnie on TikTok

Speaking to MS News, the OP shared that the mascots caught her attention at around 7.30pm on Thursday (25 May).

Even after she had finished recording, they continued to entertain the crowd.

Based on her observations, everyone seemed to be “having a good laugh at the mascots”.

Not the only encounter for both mascots

Aside from this chaotic exchange, it seems like the Paya Lebar area has been very lively recently, with mascots parading around the area.

A separate TikTok video revealed that there were multiple frog mascots in the area.

@applewongsp Paya lebar Sq ✅️ Next location – Northpoint 🥳 on Friday 8pm 😉 Comment on next location ! #froginsg #nextlocation #joinus #mascot #frogmascot #tmd #sgfrog #frogtiktok #innerpeace #toomuchdeals #fyp #foryou #frogtrend #followus #chinafrog #payalebar #payalebarsquare @SKT76 ♬ 原声 – WaWa King&Queen

The OP also shared an interaction with Snow King at Paya Lebar.

Source: @applewongsp on TikTok

Thankfully, it was a wholesome contrast to the aforementioned battle.

Netizens amused by adorable antics

Unsurprisingly, the exchange between the two viral mascots gained much attention online.

Referencing the music playing in the background, presumably by a busker, one TikTok user pointed out that the music served as a perfect backdrop to the mascots’ ‘love story’.

Source: TikTok

Many also gushed about how adorable the two mascots were, especially when they are together.

One even added that the mascots united people “through happiness”.

Source: TikTok

The unexpected interaction between the saluting frog mascot and Snow King also left some in awe that such a crossover happened in this universe.

Source: TikTok

Saluting frog mascot & Snow King delight onlookers at Paya Lebar

Thanks to the lively antics of the two mascots, many onlookers probably had their fair share of laughter that night.

Kudos to the mascots for spreading joy and providing free entertainment for the public.

However, we hope that the mascots and bystanders will continue to stay safe in their interactions.

At the end of the day, mascots are people in costumes and should not be subject to any form of abuse.

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Featured image adapted from @fifibunnie on TikTok.

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