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S’pore Garbage Collector Claims Job Pays Minimum S$5K/Month, Says It’s An Honest Living

Young Garbage Collector In Singapore Talks About Job On Podcast

The sentiments towards those working in the waste disposal industry in Singapore have never been the best.

Some folks from the older generations would even scare kids into studying by telling them they’ll be dumpster diving for a living if they didn’t hit the books.

However, recently on a local podcast, a 23-year-old garbage collector provided a little insight into his unique job.

In a short clip uploaded on TikTok, the man claims that someone in his profession can earn S$5,000 monthly.

And that amount is the minimum, as the man went on to say that it could go up to upwards of S$8,000.

Garbage collector debunks waste disposal job stereotypes

According to the two-minute clip on TikTok, the hosts of TheCommonFolks podcast ask the man why he’d decided to become a garbage collector at a young age.

Source: TheCommonFolks SG on YouTube

Taking the frank approach, the garbage collector says that it was for the money.

He then elaborates that his supervisor possesses a Master’s degree, while his colleagues ride BMW motorbikes.

Going back to the salary, the young man claims that folks can earn S$5,000 minimally in his line of work.


On the other end of the spectrum, he says it can even go as high as upwards of S$8,000 a month.

Says it’s an honest living despite negative perceptions

The hosts then say that although the money sounds great, they can’t help but feel embarrassed if they were in his shoes.

Hearing that, the man explains, ” Of course, it’s embarrassing. At the end of the day, it’s still about the money. It’s an honest living.”

Source: TheCommonFolks SG on YouTube

And although he gets negative comments from his friends and family, the man says he ignores them and remains focused on saving money for his family.

Seeing the conversation veer into a sombre mood, one of the hosts asks how he got used to the putrid odours while working.

Laughing it off, the garbage collector says that it only took him a day to acclimatise himself to the smell.

Others echo his sentiments

While some in the comments questioned the validity of his claims, others came forward to say that it’s possible to earn a high salary in the waste disposal industry.

Source: TikTok

One commenter specifically pointed out that garbage truck drivers are paid handsomely.

Meanwhile, another commenter brought up the point that these drivers have to be vigilant as a small accident on the road could lead to a sizable deduction in their salary.

Source: TikTok

Apart from that, another user expressed their respect towards the young man in the podcast.

Source: TikTok

They applauded his ability to work in any job as long as he was making an honest living.

Remains an essential service

Kudos to the young man for speaking up about his industry and taking on a job with the right intentions.

While those working in garbage disposal may still face a stigma, it’s heartening to see that there are conversations debunking some stereotypes.

After all, these individuals are the ones providing an essential service to society.

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Featured image adapted from @thecommonfolkssg on TikTok.

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