12-year-old girl gets lost in Geylang after missing bus stop, man helps her board correct ride home

Man helps lost girl in Geylang find her way home

Concerned upon seeing a young girl all alone in Geylang at night, a man who was cycling in the area decided to stop and help her out.

He spotted the 12-year-old at a bus stop looking quite lost. Feeling uneasy about the situation, he approached her and learnt that she had lost her way while heading home.

Source: Facebook

After getting the necessary information, the man accompanied the girl to another bus stop and waited till she got on the correct bus home.

Man spots girl looking lost at bus stop in Geylang

On Monday (19 Feb) night, Facebook user Faz detailed his encounter with the lost girl in Geylang.

He claimed that he was cycling home at about 8.15pm when he came across a “small-built girl” at a bus stop. The girl was looking at the bus notice board and appeared lost.

Based on Faz’s description, the bus stop seemed to be the one located along Sims Way, on the outskirts of Geylang.

Source: Google Maps

Faz did not think much of the girl initially but decided to make a U-turn to check on her as he didn’t feel good about the situation.

When he returned to the bus stop, he found the girl speaking to a guy on speaker mode.

Faz, whose real name is Mohamed Fadzli Hayof but is better known as FazBoi, told MS News that the girl was crying and wiping her tears.

He thus asked her in a comforting tone if she was okay and needed any help. He subsequently learnt that the girl had missed her stop and that she was speaking to her brother on the phone.


Faz didn’t probe too much about which stop she missed as he understood that she might not be comfortable with sharing too much information.

But after conversing with the siblings, he found out that the girl stayed along Fort Road.

Coincidentally, Faz stayed in the same area and told the girl that she needed to take bus service 158 from the stop across the road.

Accompanies girl to correct stop & waits for her to board the bus

Believing that it wasn’t safe for a young girl to be out alone in Geylang at night, Faz told the girl’s brother that he would accompany her to the bus stop across the road.

Upon reaching the stop, he helped to check on the bus’ arrival timing so the girl could update her brother.

Source: Facebook

Faz also advised her to send her live location to her brother.

While waiting for the bus together, Faz learned that the girl was only 12 years old.

The girl also shared that she had gone five to six bus stops beyond her initial destination and that she had waited alone at the wrong bus stop for about 15 minutes.

To ease the girl’s anxiety, Faz updated her periodically on the bus’ arrival time.

He only headed home after seeing the girl get on the bus and ensuring that no one was following her.

Source: Facebook

Ending his post, Faz urged members of the public to extend a helping hand to those who appear to be in need of assistance.

The 44-year-old owner of a bicycle shop service centre at Crawford Lane — who is a father of two boys aged seven and 13 — told MS News why he did what he did: “My boys may miss their stop one day too and I hope someone will help them like how I helped the young girl.”

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Featured image adapted from Md Faz on Facebook and Google Maps

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