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Golden Mile Complex Brawl Reportedly Triggered When Woman Was Bumped Into, 4 Men Arrested

Men Aged 22-25 Arrested After Golden Mile Complex Brawl

Singaporeans are currently enjoying relative freedom after 2 years of Covid-19 restrictions.

However, that means fights will inevitably happen as more people return to late-night boozing.

Unfortunately, a ferocious brawl at Golden Mile Complex broke out earlier this week, reportedly triggered when a woman was bumped into.

The police have arrested 4 men over the incident.

Video of Golden Mile Complex brawl goes viral

The brawl came to public attention when a video was posted to the Singapore Incidents Facebook page and Instagram channel.

Though the viral clip was just 22 seconds long, it contained enough violence and aggression to fill a Bruce Lee movie.

It started with three men fighting on the driveway in front of the mall.

Two of them – one in a dark T-shirt and white berms, the other in black pants and a grey hoodie – appeared to be ganging up on the third man, who was wearing jeans and a black T-shirt.

Soon, the third guy falls to the ground, with the leg of the berms guy around him. The guy in the hoodie takes the chance to rain punches on him.

Both of them then kick the guy on the ground, who lies there motionless.

Another fight starts to develop

The two victors then turn their attention to another fight that’s developing nearer to the mall, up a short flight of steps.

A man in a dark patterned shirt and black shorts (circled) is approaching someone threateningly.

His foe is revealed to be a man in a black singlet and shorts, who dares him on by saying in Mandarin, “来啊!” (“Come on!”)

However, before the guy in the patterned shirt can reach him, he’s taken down from the back by the guy in white berms from the previous fight.

The guy in singlet then kicks him, while his pals – berms guy and hoodie guy – also contribute kicks.

In the meantime, a man in a white T-shirt and a woman in a light green T-shirt rush over, seemingly trying to stop them.

At the same time, a woman can be seen crouching on the steps, being assisted by another woman and a man.

It’s uncertain whether she’s related in any way to either group.

Incidentally, a few of the guys involved in the brawl – berms guy, patterned shirt guy and singlet guy – appear to be barefoot, for some reason.

Police arrest 4 men

The police were informed about the brawl at about 2.40am on Thursday (14 Apr) morning, they told The Straits Times (ST).

They arrested 4 men aged 22 to 25, and the incident is being investigated.

Those convicted of affray might get up to 1 year in jail and/or a S$5,000 fine.

A man was also treated by paramedics from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) at the scene.

However, he refused to be sent to the hospital.

Brawl triggered when woman was bumped into

While the brawl is shocking, many might wonder how it even started in the first place.

Apparently, both groups didn’t know each other, reported Lianhe Zaobao.

They were, in fact, preparing to leave when they got into an altercation at the toilet.

One of the groups was reportedly triggered when a female companion of theirs was bumped into, Zaobao understands.

They then allegedly started beating two guys from the other group.

Second video of Golden Mile Complex incident

Disquietingly, Singapore Incidents subsequently posted footage of the aftermath of another suspected fracas at Golden Mile Complex, this time inside the mall.

The second video, posted on Friday (15 Apr), showed people surrounding what could be a person lying on the floor.

A high-pitched voice can be heard, clearly in distress, shrieking something unintelligible.

Holland Village brawl

The incidents come after a group of men were seen brawling outside a bar in Holland Village on 8 Apr.

Group Of Men Get Into Brawl Outside Holland Village Bar On 8 Apr, Police Investigating

According to 8world News, the police were alerted to an incident of someone voluntarily causing hurt at 1 Lorong Mambong at about 11.37pm.

The SCDF was also called to the scene and assessed a 22-year-old man for injuries. He reportedly refused conveyance to the hospital.

Exercise restraint on a night out

It might concern Singaporeans that Golden Mile Complex is being turned into a venue for Wrestlemania, considering a teenager was also assaulted there in Nov.

However, the recent spate of physical altercations might be attributed to people wanting to let loose after 2 years of Covid-19 restrictions.

Hopefully, things calm down soon, and people exercise restraint when enjoying a night out on the town.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Incidents on Facebook.

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