Latest News Finally Joins Telegram To Deliver Covid-19 Updates To Non-WhatsApp Users Is Now On Telegram For Urgent Covid-19 Updates

With the influx of Covid-19 news recently, it might be hard to keep track of updates and differentiate real and fake information.

In response, the Singapore government has been using their WhatsApp channel to disseminate official Covid-19 news.


Now, citizens can also tune in to’s new Telegram channel and Twitter page as well.

Covid-19 updates on Telegram

According to the Ministry Of Communications and Information (MCI), the government launched new digital channels in order to update citizens “in a timely manner”.

Singaporeans can now use Telegram to get official messages by or access their Twitter page for information.


The messages disseminated will contain the same messaging as those sent out on the WhatsApp channel.

This will keep citizens well-informed of the situation, so they can stay updated with the latest government policies and helplines.

Source’s new Telegram channel will also help verify news surrounding the virus, sifting out fake information for the public.

Overseas Singaporeans can subscribe too

It seems like the online channels have been successful thus far, with at least 900,000 Singaporeans subscribers on WhatsApp.

Following its immense popularity, MCI announced an upgrade for their WhatsApp channel that now allows overseas Singaporeans to join.

As of Friday (3 Apr), more than 140,000 people are already subscribers of the brand new Telegram channel.

Follow’s Telegram for real news

We think that starting of Telegram channel is a great way to ensure Singaporeans who don’t use WhatsApp are still in tune with what’s going on.

If you’re a proud Twitter user instead,’s also part of the Twitterverse.


Hopefully, such measures will enable Singaporeans to be adequately equipped with information on Covid-19 developments.

Here’s a list of their official channels:

WhatsApp (Overseas):
Official Website:

Let’s all try to stay updated during these trying times by ensuring that we’re getting our news from verified sources.

Featured image adapted from Telegram & TechCrunch.


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